Duolingo Daily Topic: Speaking Task 2 (Speak about the image for about 90 seconds)

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Duolingo Daily Topic: Speaking Task 2 (Speak about the image for about 90 seconds)

Q1. Speak about the photo for about 90 seconds.

Ans: This image perfectly depicts the serene beauty of nature. It provides us with a landscape which has majestic mountains, and its peak has a blanket of snow. Above is the canvas of a clear blue sky, the purity of which is a soothing sight which gives a gentle reminder about how big the world is. Mountains are surrounded by lush forests of green colour inhabiting life in them. In the foreground, lies a calm lake resembling a sheet of glass..The water is so clean that it mirrors the mountains, which adds depth to the image. Beyond its visual appeal, the image serves as a connection to nature, offering a respite from daily worries and inviting us to immerse ourselves in its tranquil atmosphere.

Q 2. Speak about the photo for about 90 seconds.

Ans: The image captures a typical day in a local marketplace. It gives a vibrant view of everyday life that is brimming with human interaction. In the image, there is a person who is seated on a black and red motorcycle. He is engaged in conversation with the individual who is standing near the boxes. The man could be a resident who has stopped by to pick up daily necessities. His posture is casual which indicates that he is pretty familiar with the place. The individual who is standing near the boxes looks like the shop owner. He is in the middle of the workday, managing the inventory and attending to customers. His store is well stocked with items of grocery. The ground is wet maybe because of recent rain, adding a sense of freshness to the scene. The man on the bike and the shop owner are in conversation, maybe asking about the freshness of the product or simply exchanging pleasantries. The image showcases the simplicity and beauty of mundane tasks.  

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