Duolingo Math: Everything You Need to Know 

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Duolingo Math: Mathematics, from basic fractions to restaurant bill calculations, permeates our everyday lives. Yet, it often evokes stress and anxiety instead of comfort. So much so that a significant number of students across the globe grapple with varying degrees of “math anxiety.” This is where Duolingo math comes into the equation. This innovative initiative aims to demystify mathematics and make learning truly enjoyable for everyone. Duolingo Math brings forth an engaging format, a personalized approach to suit your skills, and a fun and encouraging learning experience. Whether you’re looking to brush up on rusty skills or finally conquer your math anxieties, Duolingo’s Math course is the perfect companion. That being said, read the blog to learn more about 


What is Duolingo Math? 

Duolingo’s new math course aims at making ‘learning math’ fun. Duolingo math blends informational elements such as animations, interactive exercises, etc. to make the overall math learning experience more engaging and dynamic. 

Those days are long gone when learning math was deemed boring and arduous. Now, with the help of the new Duolingo math course, you can easily learn mathematics, and more than that, mathematics learning has now become much more fun and interesting thanks to Duolingo.

What to Expect in Duolingo Math? 

Duolingo math comes with two options: one for beginners and one for intermediate-level students. Students who wish to learn math at the elementary level can opt for beginner math. Duolingo’s beginner math program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the most rudimentary topics of math. 

You can even opt for such a program to hone your basics. Individuals who already have an understanding of elementary math topics and wish to learn math at a higher level can opt for the intermediate programme. The intermediate-math program offered by this exam enhances everyday skills with more challenging exercises. These exercises are designed to challenge the human mind and, at the same time, enhance your math skills to a higher level.

What will You Learn in the Duolingo Math Elementary Course? 

Individuals who wish to learn the basics of mathematics can opt for the ‘Elementary Course’ in Duolingo Math. The course is intended to help students hone their basics with illustrative learning elements such as vivid animations, exercises, and so on. That being said, refer to the following table to know what you’ll eventually learn in the elementary course of Duolingo math.

TopicWhat will you learn
MultiplicationTime Tables, Commutative Property, Multi-Factor
DivisionDivision Tables, Even-Odd
Place ValueAdding/subtracting with three numbers, rounding to the nearest 10-100
FractionsMixed fractions, Comparing fractions, improper fractions
MeasurementMetric conversion, reading, and setting clocks 
Geometry Quadrilateral classification, angles
Decimals Comparing decimals, fractions, and decimals

How Much Is Duolingo Math? 

There’s great news for Duolingo users. The language app now offers a designated math course for free! Yes, you read that right. Duolingo launched its math course during the month of September-October of  2023. Students can now make use of the math course in Duolingo to hone their math skills and practice basic math concepts on the go.

How To Switch between Mathematics and Language in Duolingo? 

Duolingo users can now switch between different subjects with the help of the course picker at the top of the screen. What you can do is: 

  1. Visit the Duolingo app and select the course picker option.
  2. Now, simply select the flag or course icon at the top left of your screen.
  3. Doing so will redirect you to a different page, wherein you’ll be required to switch between your courses or enrol in a new one.

So that was all about Duolingo Math. Hope the blog has answered your queries regarding the topic. 

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Q1. Are there legendary levels in Duolingo Math?

Ans: No, certain features, like the legendary levels, are not available in Duolingo Math as of now.

Q2. Is Duolingo Math 100% free?

Ans: Yes, learning math on Duolingo is a hundred percent free of cost. 

Q3. When was Duolingo Math released? 

Ans: Duolingo released its math course during the month of September-October in 2023. 

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