Duolingo Daily Topic: Speaking Task (Talk about a hobby or activity that you enjoy in your free time)

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duolingo speaking task hobby or activity that you enjoy the most

Q. Talk about a hobby or activity that you enjoy in your free time. How did you get started, and why did you like it?

Ans: People all over the world have different pastime activities, ranging from listening to music, collecting coins, making art pieces, to capturing photos. I too have one of the most common hobbies, which is travelling. 


For as long as I can remember, I have been passionate about travelling. It all started when I was in my childhood and my family used to take me on numerous vacations to different places in summer holidays. We used to explore places; enjoy the various cultures, and experience the beauty of the world. The more I grew up, My passion for travel only got stronger. I found that I was captivated by the idea of exploration and adventure, excitedly making travel plans to both nearby and distant locations. Every trip offers a fresh chance for discovery and education, whether it’s travelling through untamed landscapes, wandering through beautiful villages, or exploring busy metropolises.

In addition to the thrill of exploring new locations, travel enabled me to detach from the stresses of everyday life and revitalize my body, mind, and spirit. Each experience I had, whether it’s hiking through beautiful forests, relaxing on a sunny beach, or taking in historical sites, has left a lasting impression on my spirit. Overall, for me, travelling is a way of life rather than just a pastime. It captures my interest, stimulates my imagination, and makes me feel awestruck and appreciative of the big, varied world we live in. I continue to learn about the beauty and richness of life in all its forms, as well as to grow and change.

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