PTE Daily Essay Topic: Some countries have free health services.

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PTE Daily Essay Topic: Some countries have free health services.

Q. Some countries have free health services. However, some people feel that those who live unhealthy lives – smoking, not exercising, being stressed, etc – should not receive free health services. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Ans. The notion that individuals who make unhealthy choices should be denied access to free healthcare is a flawed one. While preventative measures and healthy lifestyles are undeniably crucial, healthcare is not a privilege earned by good habits; it’s a fundamental right that ensures a healthy population and a thriving society.


Firstly, denying healthcare to those with unhealthy habits creates a system rife with ethical and practical problems. Judging the validity of someone’s health claim based on lifestyle choices is a subjective and potentially discriminatory practice. Furthermore, neglecting someone’s health issues, even if self-inflicted, can lead to complications that burden the healthcare system even more. Early intervention for preventable conditions is far less expensive than treating advanced stages of illness.

Secondly, promoting a healthy society goes beyond individual choices. Socioeconomic factors, access to healthy food options, and the availability of safe exercise spaces all play significant roles in shaping one’s health. Denying free healthcare to the less fortunate perpetuates a cycle of poverty and ill health. Investing in preventative care and offering accessible resources for healthy living can empower individuals to make better choices.

In conclusion, a society that prioritizes the health of all its citizens, regardless of lifestyle choices, is a stronger society. Universal healthcare fosters a healthier population, reduces long-term healthcare costs, and promotes social equity. By focusing on preventative care and education alongside accessible treatment, we can create a system that empowers everyone to live a healthier life. After all, a healthy population is the foundation for a healthy, thriving society.

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