Cost of Living in Paris

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cost of living in paris

Paris, one of the largest cities in the world, is culturally diverse and provides a wealth of leisure, educational, and employment possibilities. Paris, formerly known as the cultural epicenter of Europe, is currently ranked ninth among student cities and 30th globally for urban living standards. However, Paris is the second-most expensive city in the world as per Despite the fact that living in Paris is expensive, it is still possible to manage your finances effectively. Read this blog further to know about the Cost of Living in Paris so that you are aware of the amount of funds required to live in Paris if you are planning to move there. 

What is the Cost of Living in Paris? 

The table below represents the breakdown of expenses and their respective percentages in the total cost of living expenses: 

Expense Name  Percentage in Total Expense
Rent  45%
Grocery  14%
Health Insurance 3%
Leisure Activities 23%
Transportation 4%
Other 11%

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Rental Expenses in Paris 

Based on the rental index of Housing Anywhere for 2022, this is an idea of the typical monthly rent in Paris.

  • Private Room with Utilities, Furnished, for €789 (ideal for students).
  • Studio with utilities and furniture (ideal for singles, couples, or recent graduates): €1,101.
  • Apartment, unfurnished, including utilities (ideal for families or couples): €1,978.

Just the average rental rates for Paris are listed here. Prices will vary depending on the area you live in. There are more affordable housing options if you decide to live away from the city center.

Cost of Groceries in Paris 

Depending on your eating preferences, diet, and the store you choose to buy at, the price of food will change. The good news is that, depending on your spending capacity, Paris offers a wide range of possibilities for you to choose from. Your monthly food costs should range from €200 to €300, depending on where you shop. The table below represents the average prices of various grocery items: 

Food/Beverage  Average Cost 
Apples (1 kg) € 3.19
Oranges (1 Kg)  € 2.81
Water (1.5 litres of bottle)  € 0.81
Potatoes  (1 Kg)  € 1.95
Milk (1 ltrs) € 1.14
Rice (White, 1 Kg) € 2
Eggs (Medium, 12 pieces)  € 3.91
Local Cheese (1 Kg)  € 14.87

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Cost of Health Insurance 

In France, residency determines health insurance coverage, not a job. Therefore, you must get French health insurance within three months of arriving if you have a permanent residence (you will stay in France for at least six months). Approximately 70% of the doctor’s fees and 80% of the hospital fees are covered by French health insurance.

In France, a single person’s health insurance typically costs €40 per month. Prices differ depending on the policy, of course. In general, basic insurance will also cover the price of basic dental care. But you’ll be responsible for difficult procedures.

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Cost of Transportation 

Paris boasts a robust public transit infrastructure that makes it inexpensive to get to any location within the city. The price of a single one-way metro ticket is €1.90. However, if you want to use public transport frequently, choose a monthly pass for €73. All zones for trips on the metro, bus, regional train, and tram are included in the monthly pass.

Cycling is still a popular form of transportation. Bicycles from Vélib’ are available for public sharing all across the city. Monthly rates for a year subscription start at €3.10. Taxis aren’t too pricey when compared to other cities like Amsterdam and London. The base rate is €2.60, and each additional kilometer is €1.65.

A new car can cost up to €26,000, while a used one can be had for just €1,200. On average, a liter of fuel costs €2. As a result, a full tank will cost you €80. Remember that smaller filling stations connected to supermarkets are more affordable than the large service stations for purchasing petrol. Additionally, you’ll have to pay an average of €4 for each hour of public parking.

Cost of Leisure Activities 

Being able to choose from a variety of entertainment and leisure options is one of the many benefits of residing in Paris. It’s always wise to budget well so you won’t exhaust your bank account, whether you want to indulge yourself by going out to eat or watching a new movie. The table below represents the average cost of various leisure activities in Paris: 

Type of Leisure Activity  Average Cost
Movie Ticket  €12
Wet Manicure  €20 – €50
Monthly Gym Membership €36
Haircut Female  €40 – €70
Haircut Male  €20 – €50
Museum Ticket  €7 – €20


Q1. Is it expensive to live in Paris?

A. To live comfortably in Paris you would need to spend approximately €1,500 a month. 

Q2. What is a good salary in Paris?

A. A salary ranging between €3,000 to €5,000 allows an individual to live comfortably in Paris. 

Q3. How much is the rent in Paris?

A. A 30m2 to 70m2 unfurnished one-bedroom flat in Paris can be rented for 950€ to 2200€ per month.

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