Cost of Living in Oshawa: A Guide 

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If you are planning to study in Canada, you might be wondering about the cost of living in Oshawa. Apart from having a vibrant downtown core and a rich cultural heritage, Oshawa is also known for its variety of educational opportunities. In this blog, we will give you an overview of the overall living cost in Oshawa, covering monthly expenses like rent, food, entertainment, and so on. We will also provide some tips on how to save money and enjoy your life in Oshawa. So let’s get started!


Why Choose Oshawa to Study Abroad?

Despite the high cost of living in Oshawa, international students still choose this city to fulfil their study abroad dreams. One of the reasons is the high-quality education and research opportunities with universities and colleges that offer various programs and degrees. Here are some other reasons why:

  1. Oshawa is close to Toronto and has a good transit system that allows easy commute to and from the city.
  2. Oshawa has affordable real estate and rental prices compared to other cities in Canada, which can help students save money on living expenses.
  3. Oshawa has a diverse and inclusive environment, with people from different ethnic origins, languages and cultures. 
  4. Students can also learn or improve their English or French skills, as Canada is a bilingual country.
  5. Students can benefit from scholarships, work opportunities, co-op placements and internships that can enhance their learning and career prospects.
  6. Oshawa is a nature lover’s paradise, with many wildlife reserves, sandy beaches, bike trails and parks that offer outdoor activities and scenic views. 
  7. Students can also experience the four seasons and the Canadian culture, social life and travel adventures.

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Cost of Living in Oshawa

The average monthly cost of living in Oshawa for a single person is $1,518 CAD (without rent). Note that these are average costs and may vary depending on your lifestyle, preferences, and consumption habits. The table below shows the breakdown of the monthly expenses in Oshawa:

Expense CategorySingle Person
Food$439 CAD
Entertainment$100 CAD
Utilities$106 CAD
Transportation$76 CAD
Other$200 CAD
Total$921 CAD

Also note that these costs do not include rent, which is one of the major expenses in Oshawa. Let’s take a look at the different categories of expenses in more detail.

Living Accommodation

Renting an apartment in Oshawa can be quite expensive, especially if you are living alone. The table below displays the cost of living in Oshawa for different types of student accommodations:

Accommodation TypeMonthly Rent
1-bedroom apartment$1,202 CAD
3-bedroom apartment$1,335 CAD
Studio apartment$900 CAD
Shared room$500 CAD
Homestay$800 CAD

You can save money by sharing an apartment with other students or by choosing a homestay option. You can also look for apartments that are close to public transportation or your school or workplace to reduce your commuting costs.


Another cost of living in Oshawa is food, which costs around $439 CAD for a single person. Food prices in Oshawa are relatively high compared to other cities in Canada and the world. This includes groceries, eating out, and fast food. The table below shows the prices of some common grocery items in Oshawa:

Grocery ItemPrice
Milk (1 L)$4.08 CAD
Bread (0.5 kg)$2.96 CAD
Rice (1 kg)$5.05 CAD
Eggs (12)$4.18 CAD
Cheese (1 kg)$13.84 CAD
Chicken (1 kg)$16.48 CAD
Apples (1 kg)$4.96 CAD
Bananas (1 kg)$1.89 CAD
Oranges (1 kg)$5.71 CAD
Tomatoes (1 kg)$6.61 CAD
Potatoes (1 kg)$7.15 CAD
Onions (1 kg)$5.88 CAD

You can save money by buying food in bulk, shopping at local markets or discount stores, cooking at home instead of eating out, and avoiding processed or imported foods. You can also use coupons, discounts, or loyalty programs to get better deals on food.

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Entertainment costs in Oshawa are moderate compared to other cities in Canada and the world. It comes up to $100 CAD for a single person. including cinema tickets, gym memberships, sports and leisure activities, and other hobbies. The table below shows the prices of some common entertainment options in Oshawa:

Entertainment OptionPrice
Cinema ticket (1 person)$12 CAD
Gym membership (1 month)$28.3 CAD
Bowling (1 hour)$20 CAD
Golf (18 holes)$40 CAD
Skiing (1 day)$50 CAD
Museum ticket (1 person)$10 CAD
Zoo ticket (1 person)$15 CAD

Several free or low-cost events like festivals, concerts, exhibitions, or workshops can help reduce the cost of living in Oshawa. Using student/group discounts and online deals to get cheaper tickets or memberships can also help. You can also enjoy the natural beauty and outdoor activities that Oshawa has to offer, such as hiking, biking, fishing, or camping.

Utilities and Bills

Another vital cost of living in Oshawa is utilities and bills in Oshawa, which cost $106 CAD for a single person. Utilities and bills in Oshawa are relatively low compared to other cities in Canada and the world. This includes electricity, heating, water, garbage, internet, phone, and TV. The table below shows the prices of some common utilities and bills in Oshawa:

Utility or BillPrice
Electricity (100 kWh)$15.5 CAD
Heating (100 kWh)$15.5 CAD
Water (10 m3)$25.6 CAD
Garbage (1 month)$10 CAD
Internet (50 Mbps, 1 month)$45.1 CAD
Phone (prepaid, 0.5 GB, 1 month)$15 CAD
TV (basic package, 1 month)$30 CAD

You can save money by using energy-efficient appliances, turning off lights and devices when not in use, reducing water consumption, recycling waste, and choosing cheaper or alternative providers for internet, phone, and TV.

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This cost of living in Oshawa for a single person is $76 CAD. Transportation costs in Oshawa are relatively high compared to other cities in Canada and the world. It includes public transportation, taxi, and car expenses. The table below shows the prices of some common transportation options in Oshawa:

Transportation OptionPrice
Bus ticket (1 ride)$3 CAD
Bus pass (1 month)$60 CAD
Taxi (1 km)$2 CAD
Gasoline (1 L)$1.3 CAD
Car insurance (1 month)$100 CAD

You can save money by using public transportation, which is reliable and convenient in Oshawa. You can also use a bike, walk for short distances, or carpool with other people to share the gas and parking costs. You can also compare different car insurance providers to get the best deal for your vehicle.

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Oshawa is a great city to live in, with a lot of opportunities and attractions. However, living in Oshawa can also be expensive, especially if you are not careful with your budget. You can reduce your cost of living in Oshawa by following some of the tips we have provided, such as shopping smartly, cooking at home, enjoying free or low-cost events, saving energy and water, and using public transportation. By doing so, you can enjoy your life in Oshawa without breaking the bank!


Ques 1. Is it expensive to live in Oshawa?

Ans. Yes, the cost of living in Oshawa for students is quite high (CAD 1430), but it’s 24 times lower than in Toronto.

Ques 2. Is Oshawa a cheap place to live?

Ans. No, Oshawa is becoming quite an expensive place to live with the monthly cost of living being CAD 1400-1500

Ques 3. Is Oshawa a good place to live?

Ans. Yes, Oshawa is a great place for families and people who travel to work, as it is the biggest city in the Durham Region, which is part of the Greater Toronto Area along with Pickering, Ajax and Whitby.

We hope that this blog helped you discover the cost of living in Oshawa. To learn more about student life abroad, stay tuned to Leverage Edu. Thank you for reading!

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