Study Abroad: British Columbia Remains The Top Destination For Higher Education

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British Columbia, is among the topmost international destinations for higher education; Covid-19 had suppressed the migration of students but now the inflow of international students is back to normal.

Canada has always been a multicultural country accepting a lot of migratory students and professionals especially because of its scarcely populated large area of residence. Current statistics show that Canada, especially British Columbia, is largely a choice for international students in their quests to have international higher education degrees. There are a few reasons for such a huge inflow of international students to British Columbia.


British Columbia is stated by the students as one of the safest areas in Canada. Its rate of acceptance of immigrants makes it a great place for international students to find great networking opportunities. Thus, British Columbia has been providing its students with great career opportunities along with safety. However, the third reason makes the choice of the students more elaborate: Canada provides high-quality education which attracts students to the country.

What is the reason behind this?

It was in the words of Chris Bottrill, VP of Capilano University, that Canada is the topmost educational destination for international students. He also added that a huge chunk of the Canadian economy is being contributed by the international students that choose Canada, mostly British Columbia, for their higher education. The latest statistics which is of 2018 showed that the study abroad aspirants brought in $22.3 billion to the economy of Canada out of which $4.7 billion made its way into the economy of British Columbia.

It is not just the economy that the international students bring in to Canada or British Columbia, these students better the entire discussion inside the students making the quality of education rise above the bar in the country. Bottrill further commented that it is the intercultural learning experience that these students bring in which makes the quality of the educational experience better for all the students. He stressed the fact that international students are critical to the educational system in British Columbia.

Study Abroad: British Columbia Remains The Top Destination For Higher Education.

The province of British Columbia has been experiencing slow growth in the number of study permits issued. In 2022, the growth rate was only 0.36% compared to 2021. However, the interest of international students in getting higher education in British Columbia shows that the slow growth rate is nowhere synonymous with it. Also, because the Canadian Express Entry invitees increasing with every draw, more international students from India will find British Columbia and Canada as a destination for their study abroad dreams.

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