Top Psychology Schools in the World: Eligibility, Cost and More

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Top Psychology Schools in the World_ Eligibility, Cost and more

If you want to work as a psychologist, one of your main goals should be to get into one of the best psychology schools. This is due to the fact that students at a reputable psychology school acquire relevant skills that set them apart from other students in the field.


In addition, graduating from one of the best psychology schools provides you with an unforgettable experience, connects you with the best students, and prepares you for a lucrative career. If you want to know more about the best Psychology schools across the globe, the cost of studying, eligibility requirements and much more then Keep Reading!

Name of the Course Psychology 
Name of the top psychology school Harvard University 
Level UG and PG 
Average fees $25,000 (INR 20.66 Lakhs) 
Average salary INR 3.98 Lakhs  

Why You Should Study Psychology?

There are numerous reasons to pursue psychology courses at universities across the globe. Some of the basic reasons include the following; 

  • One of the major reasons to study psychology is the lucrative salaries offered to the graduates after completion of the psychology degree. 
  • There are numerous career opportunities offered after the completion of the course. Graduates are employed in the government as well as private sectors. 
  • Various universities across the globe offer UG, PG, and PhD degrees in psychology with excellence in education and teaching. 

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Why Should You Study at the Best Schools for Psychology?

Here are some of the major reasons for opting best schools for Psychology abroad. 

  • Students can look forward to a solid education at the best psychology schools.
  • If you go to one of the best psychology schools, you’ll get high-quality credentials that can help you get jobs in the future.
  • You should consider attending any of the ten best schools for psychology because you will build a powerful network of like-minded individuals. 
  • The majority of professors at the best schools for psychology make learning fun as well as engaging simply due to their experience.

Cost of Studying 

Even though this article will soon reveal the tuition costs for each school, the best schools for psychology offer degree programs starting at $25,000 (INR 20.66 Lakhs). Additionally, it’s helpful to know that tuition varies from school to school.

In addition, if you want a comprehensive breakdown of the program’s cost, you must request a formal expense summary from the institution in order to gain additional clarity.

Duration of Study 

This relies upon the program and establishment, so you ought to consider a few variables while picking a four-year college education in brain research. For instance, the length of a course’s completion year varies from school to school. However, a typical bachelor’s degree program in psychology typically lasts between four and five years, whereas a master’s degree program lasts either 18 months or two years.

Best Schools for Psychology

To help you with the decision-making for the best school for psychology across the globe here is our list of top psychology schools on the basis of rankings, tuition fees, acceptance rate, graduation rate and other relevant factors. 

World QS Rankings 2023 Name of the University 
3Stanford University
5Harvard University
39New York University
13University of Pennsylvania 
25University of Michigan
27University of California, Berkeley  
18Yale University
188University of Florida 
44University of California, Los Angeles 
50Duke University

Stanford University

Leland and Jane Stanford established Stanford University in 1885 in honor of Leland Stanford Jr. Leland Jr., their only child, was 15 when he succumbed to typhoid fever. Stanford has demonstrated that it is not only one of the best schools for psychology but also one of the best in the world.

Stanford University is a good choice if you want to study psychology at one of the best schools for psychology. It is ranked second among the best psychology schools in the QS World Ranking 2021. It charges approximately $74,000 in tuition, has a graduation rate of 94% and an acceptance rate of 4%.

Harvard University

One of the prestigious universities in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, is Harvard University. It ranked first for the best psychology school in the QS World ranking 2021, which is interesting. Meanwhile, the school has a 4.7% acceptance rate and a 93.7 percent graduation rate as a school with excellent research opportunities and world-class faculty.

In addition, it charges psychology students approximately $44,420 for a Ph.D., $47,600 for an undergraduate degree, and $49,653 for a master’s degree.

New York University

The majority of New York University students graduate with a solid academic foundation in psychology and are always well-prepared for graduate study in the field. New York University is one of the best universities. With an acceptance rate of 16% and a graduation rate of 84%, it ranks among the top ten psychology schools.

The cost of tuition is about $53,308. Notably, NYU is ranked third as the best school for psychology and 35th overall in the QS world ranking.

University of Pennsylvania

The school of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania is rated eighth best. Accordingly, we can say that the College of Pennsylvania is among the best colleges offering the best brain research programs. The school is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19104, in the United States. It has a 95% graduation rate and an acceptance rate of 8%. In addition, the University of Pennsylvania is ranked sixteenth worldwide in the Qs global ranking. And will cost approximately $30,000.

University of Michigan

The University of Michigan is a top-ranked public institution with a long history of excellence in the arts, education, research, and learning fields. 500 A State St, Ann Arbor, MI 48109, USA, is where it is. One of the best psychology schools, it has a 23 percent acceptance rate and a 91 percent graduation rate. Additionally, the tuition is about $51,200. It was ranked fourth for best school psychology and 21st in the QS World Ranking.

University of California, Berkeley

The University of California, Berkeley is one of the public land-grant research universities, like the University of California, Los Angeles. which is situated in Berkeley, California, USA. It is ranked seventh among psychology schools. In the meantime, it has an immense number of students, and the branch of brain science is perhaps the most populated division. The acceptance rate at the University of California, Berkeley is 16%, and the graduation rate is 92%. Additionally, its semester tuition costs between $8,000 for California students and $15,000 for international students.

Yale University

In New Haven, Connecticut, in the United States, Yale University is committed to expanding and sharing knowledge, inspiring innovation, scientific research, and cultural preservation. With an acceptance rate of 6% and a graduation rate of 94%, it is one of the best psychology schools. The cost of tuition is about $59,950. Even more so, Yale University is ranked #5 among the best psychology schools and #17 in the QS World Ranking.

University of Florida

Gainesville is where the University of Florida is located. It ranks among the best public research universities. It has an acceptance rate of 37% and a graduation rate of 87 per cent. The QS World Ranking places it at position 162. Additionally, residents pay a starting tuition of approximately $6,380, while international students pay approximately $28,658.

University of California, Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, California, there is a well-known public research university known as the University of California, Los Angeles. The sixth-best school for psychology was this university. The University of California, Los Angeles has over time produced psychologists who are skilled and talented. It has a 91% graduation rate and an acceptance rate of 12%. Additionally, its quarterly tuition costs range from $5,758 for California residents to $10,792 for international students. In the QS Global ranking for 2021, the school, which is one of the best universities in the world, is ranked 36.

Duke University

Durham, North Carolina is a private research school. Durham, North Carolina 27708, USA). In the QR Global ranking of 2021, Duke University is ranked 42. it has an 8% acknowledgement rate and a 95% graduation rate. Since Duke University is ranked tenth, it is therefore considered one of the best psychology schools. in the meantime, on the off chance that you’re thinking about enlisting as s another understudy, the educational expense goes from $27,940 to $29,042.

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Eligibility Criteria

There are a few eligibility requirements that you are required to qualify for in order to pursue a degree in psychology;


If you want to pursue an undergraduate degree in psychology, then you are first required to pass high school with a minimum of 65% marks from an officially recognized institution. 


To pursue a postgraduate degree in psychology then, you are first required to pass an undergraduate degree in psychology or any other relevant subject with a minimum of 65% marks from an officially recognized institution. 

English Language Requirements 

When English is not your first language you are required to submit language proficiency scores as a pre-requirement to get admitted to a university. 

Language Proficiency Tests Score Requirements 
IELTS 6.5 bands 

Documents Required 

As a part of the application process you are required to submit a list of documents along with the application form. Some of the important documents required are as follows; 

Admission Process

The admission process to a university that offers a degree in psychology is quite simple. You must check your preferred university’s official website for the latest updates and notifications. Then you are required to fill out the application form accurately after successfully paying the application fees. A list of essential documents must be submitted along with the application form before the deadline as part of the application process. After completing all the steps mentioned above, you must wait for your preferred university’s response. If you find this admission process difficult, consider assistance from Leverage Edu experts for a hassle-free experience. 

Career Scope

One of the major reasons for the popularity of psychology as a highly-demand subject is the availability of numerous career opportunities after completing this degree, along with lucrative packages offered by various companies. Psychologists are recruited in private as well as government sectors across the globe. Some of the popular job profiles offered after the completion of a degree in psychology are as follows; 

  • Psychologist.
  • Counselor.
  • Teacher.
  • Educational psychologist.
  • Psychotherapist.
  • Social worker.
  • Human resource manager.
  • Research roles.


When opting for a psychology degree, one major aspect that you must analyze is the average salary. Thus here is the average salary offered in different countries; 

Name of the CountryAverage Salary INR Conversions 
India INR 3.98 Lakhs 
UK£44,25744.17 Lakhs 
USA$96,13179.46 Lakhs 
Australia AUD 7741644.22 Lakhs 


Q1. How much does studying psychology abroad cost?

Ans. For academics, the annual cost of studying abroad is approximately 20,000 to 30,000 USD (15,00,000 to 24,00,000 INR).

Q2. What is the highest level of psychology training?

Ans. In the field of psychology, the highest level of education is a doctoral degree. With these degrees, you can legally work as a psychologist without supervision. A doctorate in psychology can be earned in four to eight years, depending on your choice of degree.

Q3. Which country’s psychology is superior?

Ans. Many Indian colleges offer excellent courses in any of these specializations, so consider enrolling in one of them. In India, many other subfields, such as sports psychology, forensic psychology, and developmental psychology, are still in their infancy. You should consider moving abroad to pursue any of these.

If psychology is what you want to study, you should know that getting a degree from one of the best schools in town opens up a lot of doors. In addition, you can learn everything you need to know about enrolling in one of the best psychology schools in this article on the 10 best schools for psychology. Therefore, make use of our list of the best schools and other useful information. 

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