5 Best Books for IELTS Vocabulary

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Best Books for IELTS Vocabulary

If you want to enhance your score in English proficiency Tests and especially IELTS, the first and foremost thing you should do is work on your vocabulary. Vocabulary consists of 25% of weightage in both speaking and writing sections. Learning vocabulary doesn’t mean learning hundreds of words, you should also ensure that you are learning relevant words from the relevant topic. This would only be possible if you are choosing the right resources for your reference. In this article, we have suggested vocabulary books for IELTS that would help you to improve your score.

Best Vocabulary Books for IELTS 

People are frequently looking for IELTS vocabulary book pdf downloads or the top IELTS vocabulary books, as well as additional associated materials. We have compiled a list of IELTS vocabulary books below 

IELTS Vocabulary

One of the most significant books for English vocabulary is IELTSMaterial.com’s IELTS Vocabulary. Each topic has its own dictionary, idioms, phrases, exercises verbs, and a sample essay. These themes are frequently included in the IELTS exam. This vocabulary e-book not just allows you to learn fresh words, but also exposes you to new idioms, verbs, and phrases, and teaches how to use the terms in the writing part by offering sample essays for every topic.

Collins Vocabulary for IELTS

The IELTS vocabulary book is divided into 20 lessons and includes a CD. Its vocabulary is applicable to every one of the four sections: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Each course features tasks that will assist you in building your vocabulary in a methodical manner. At the end of every course, there will be a practice test developed like the genuine IELTS exam.

Barron’s Essential Words for IELTS

This book is absolutely necessary for students wishing to do well on the IELTS exam. You can expect extensive practice in expanding your vocabulary and speaking correctly. You will also receive a list of 650 terms that appear often in IELTS examinations. These terms are associated with popular categories such as travel, the environment, ecological issues, work of art, leisure activities, societal issues, and a lot more.

4000 English Words

4000 English Words is a six-book series that seeks to increase the range of your vocabulary by targeting the 4000 words that regularly occur in the IELTS exam, from basic to expert level. Each section in each book comprises 20 words as well as sample sentences demonstrating correct usage.

Each course also includes a short tale with all of the terms used to give you a more in-depth knowledge of their usage. Furthermore, as you go through the levels, the vocabulary and storylines get more advanced.

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IELTS Band 9 Vocab Secrets

This book, published by Cambridge IELTS experts, includes 10 vocabulary subjects like work and professions, schooling and education, lifestyle and culture, artwork, and rituals, families and kids, and global issues.

Each topic includes a dictionary of terminology as well as sample writings. They additionally demonstrate how to deal with the writing section. Furthermore, there is a band 9 sample essay in each topic module which teaches you how to correctly use all of the vocabulary presented in that module.


What are some other good IELTS vocabulary books?

(1) Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS
(2) Oxford Word Skills
(3) English Vocabulary in Use
(4) IELTS Band 9 Vocab Secrets
are some of the recommended IELTS vocabulary books.

Why are IELTS vocabulary books important?

Vocabulary books are the key to enhancing your score in IELTS Exam. Vocabulary books assist you in learning the right terms from relevant topics. 

How important it is to enhance vocabulary for IELTS?

Vocabulary consists of 25% of weightage in both speaking and writing sections. Having lots of words in your mind will help you to write more relevant answers.

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