Best ACT Study Guide for Students

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Best ACT Study Guide for Students

ACT (American College Testing) is an entrance test taken for undergraduate admission in the USA. The examination tests the English, reading,mathematics, science, and writing skills (optional) of the student. The examination is conducted for a duration of 3.5 hours. Moreover, the results are accepted by 225 universities outside the USA. Therefore, adequate preparation for the ACT examination is necessary. For this reason, we have provided a list of some of the best ACT study guides for students. Keep reading to learn more about the study guides and their pros and cons.

Exam Name SAT
Exam Sections  Reading Writing, and Mathematics
Exam Duration 2 hours and 14 minutes
Exam Website

Why Use an ACT Prep Book?

The best ACT study guides are essential as they can help increase the chances of admission of the applicant to some of the best colleges. Those securing higher-than-average scores have more chances of securing admission to the top colleges. Thus, it can help the career path of the test takers.

Best ACT Study Guides for Students

Here is a list of some of the best ACT study guides for students. The list includes the best book overall, the best book in terms of engagement, the best book for practice tests, and the best books for mathematics.

The Official ACT Prep Guide/ Red Book

This book is essential as it is the ACT official guide. The practice questions in this book offer the best question paper samples.

Pros Cons
Best Sample questions Don’t provide good test taking strategies 

Princeton Review’s Premium ACT Prep

The book offers strategies, proper content, and practice questions. Aside from that, lots of practice questions from the mathematics section, and the science section are available.

Pros Cons
Provides good test-taking strategies, and 8 full practice tests Students can find the book difficult 

Barron’s ACT Premium Study Guide

This book is considered an overall book for ACT preparation. The book offers test-taking tips, enough sample questions, and explains concepts clearly.

Pros Cons
Best test-taking tactics explain question types and provide sample questions. The sample questions are harder than the ACT!

Up Your Score: ACT, The Underground Guide

Up Your Score is one of the best ACT Study guides as it helps in breaking down difficult concepts in a humorous way. The exam is written by test takers themselves. Hence, their experiences are also provided.

Pros Cons
Less stressful  Not sufficient as the only book to rely on

The ACT Black Book

The ACT Black Book is one of the best ACT study guides for mathematics and English. The book helps students to understand how the ACT examination works.

Pros Cons
Helps students understand the pattern in ACT Does not have practise tests

McGraw Hill’s Top 50 Skills for Math

McGraw Hill’s Top 50 Skills for Math is one of the best ACT study guides for mathematics. The book is engaging and talks about 50 crucial mathematical skills that a student needs for the ACT.

Pros Cons
Helps students solve a problem from the start to the end Limited number of practise questions 

Ultimate Guide to the Math ACT

The book is one of the best ACT study guides as it offers clear and well-crafted chapters for each topic. However, the book is solely for mathematics and deals with topics like geometry.

Pros Cons
Covers all the concepts in the ACT exam The answer’s explanations are not good.
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1. What is the most effective way to study for the ACT?

Cover all the topics while preparing for the ACT examination. Next, memorize all the math formulas to increase the speed of problem-solving. Finally, during the examination focus on the answers you know first.

2. Which ACT book is best?

The Official ACT Prep Guide, Barron’s ACT Premium Study Guide, Princeton Review’s Premium ACT Prep, and McGraw Hill’s Top 50 Skills for Math are some of the best books.

3. Is 3 months enough to study for ACT?

The ACT preparation depends on the amount of time a student spends on the exam preparation and the target score. Generally, 11th and 12th standard students spend 3-6 months in preparation for the ACT exam.

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