Bengaluru Students, Dhruv & Akhilesh to Represent India at International Science Fair!

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Bengaluru Students, Dhruv & Akhilesh to Represent India at International Science Fair!

Two bright minds from Bengaluru, Dhruv Ramu and Akhilesh Balaji, are soaring to new heights! These Grade 11 students from Neev Academy have earned the prestigious honour of representing India at the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) in the US this May. Their journey began at the recent Innovation for Research and Innovation in STEM (IRIS) national science fair, where their innovative project won them top honours.


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A Vision for Clearer Futures: Real-Time Vision Correction Takes Center Stage

Dhruv and Akhilesh’s project tackles a challenge faced by millions vision correction. Their focus lies on spherical myopia and hyperopia, aiming to provide real-time correction. This ambitious project wasn’t born overnight. The spark ignited at a healthcare-themed hackathon in 2023. Inspired by similar past attempts, they saw immense potential and dove headfirst into developing their unique solution. Their winning performance at the hackathon secured them valuable mentorship from Ashoka University professors, propelling their project to even greater heights.

Innovation Through Collaboration: Merging Minds, Achieving Milestones

The brilliance of Dhruv and Akhilesh lies not only in their talents but also in their ability to collaborate effectively. With Dhruv’s expertise in biology and Akhilesh’s strong foundation in mathematics, physics, and chemistry, their skills formed a perfect complement. Together, they tackled challenges, refined their ideas, and incorporated novel concepts, ultimately achieving remarkable accuracy and earning the coveted top honours at the IRIS fair.

Driven by Discovery and Passion: Fueling the Fire of Knowledge

Both Dhruv and Akhilesh are driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a passion for discovery. Akhilesh, who aspires to pursue physics and computer science or mathematics and computer science, highlights the immense learning gained through research, particularly his deepened understanding of signal processing. Dhruv, currently involved in computational biology research at IISc, echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the thrill of finding solutions and contributing to scientific and literary advancements.

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Beyond the Project: Inspiring the Next Generation of Innovators

Dhruv and Akhilesh’s story transcends the boundaries of their project. They are active members of their school’s science magazine, demonstrating their commitment to not only research but also science communication. By sharing their experiences and achievements, they ignite a spark of inspiration in their peers, encouraging them to explore the wonders of STEM and pursue their paths of innovation.

A Message to Aspiring Young Minds: Dream Big, Work Hard, and Reach for the Stars!

The journey of Dhruv and Akhilesh serves as a beacon of hope and motivation for young students everywhere. It reminds us that with dedication, collaboration, and a passion for learning, even the seemingly impossible can be achieved. So, dream big, set your sights high, and embark on your journey of scientific exploration. The future of innovation awaits your contributions!

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