APF Queen Nellie Evans Scholarship: Eligibility, Application, Benefits 

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APF Queen Nellie Evans Schoalrship

Scholarships are one of the major parts of the studying abroad program. It not only eases the financial burden of foreign education but also helps us to manage our other expenses. One of the first steps students must take while planning for their higher education abroad is to check scholarships and other financial grants. Various organizations for different levels of degrees offer numerous scholarships. The APF Queen-Nellie Evans Scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship granted to students with masters and doctoral degrees. The major requirement required for getting APF Queen Nellie Evans Scholarship is to be underrepresented groups facing financial crises and committed to disparities in different structures of society. If you want to know more about APF Queen Nellie Evans Scholarship, eligibility requirements, benefits, and more. Then keep reading! 

About APF Queen Nellie Evans Scholarship

The Queen Nellie Evans scholarship was established by Arthur Evans in his mother and grandmother’s memory. APF Queen Nellie Evans Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship awarded by the American Psychological Foundation or APF. APF is an American philanthropic organization that awards research grants to psychology students for a master’s or Ph.D. degree. Founded in 1953, the APF organization is affiliated with the American Psychological Association. 

Name of the SponsorAmerican Psychological Foundation
Eligible GradeMasters and P.hD
Minimum required GPAAny
Geographic EligibilityUnited States
Scholarship Award$4000 (INR- 3.29 Lakh)

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Benefits of APF Quees Nellie Evans Scholarship

Students enrolled in postgraduate studies and doctoral programs are awarded a scholarship amount of (INR ) $4,000. This scholarship is awarded to students from underrepresented groups with financial crises and focuses on improving societal disparities that negatively impact communities. There are numerous benefits to getting APF Queen Nellie Evans Scholarship. Some of the basic benefits include;

  • The award helps to lower the financial burden on minority students.
  • Candidates for this scholarship are not required to attend particular universities and are given the freedom to attend the university of their choice. In simple terms, there are less constraints.

Eligibility Requirements 

You are required to qualify for a few eligibility requirements to pursue APF Queens Nellie Evans Scholarship. Some of the basic eligibility requirements include the following; 

  • First, you must be a minority graduate enrolled in at master’s program accredited by authorities. 
  • Minority graduates enrolled in Doctoral programs accredited by authorities are also eligible for this scholarship. 

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Documents Required for Application

A list of documents is required to apply for APF Queen Nellie Evans Scholarships. Some of the basic documents include; 

Application Deadline

One of the major things you must check before applying for the scholarship is the application starting date and deadline. The applications for APF Queen Nellie Evans Scholarships are now ending, and the application deadline was January 31, 2023, for both master’s and Ph.D. degrees. However, the application every year starts in December, and the application deadline is January every year. 

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Application Process

The application process is one of the important step in order to apply for the scholarship. Here are some of the basic steps one must follow:

  • Understanding the eligibility, conditions, and advantages of the scholarship should be the first step.
  • The next step is for students to submit an application for the scholarship via the APF website.
  • You must send a number of necessary documents, including your CV, a statement of purpose, and a letter of recommendation, after filling out the application form successfully.
  • If the scholarship is awarded, the responsible authorities will let you know after you successfully submit the documents.


Q.1. What is the amount granted in the APF Queen Nellie Evans scholarship?

Ans: APF Queen Nellie Evans Scholarship offers students enrolled in master’s and Ph.D. degrees an amount of $4000 or INR 3.29 Lakhs.

Q.2. What is the application deadline for APF Queen Nellue Evans Scholarship?

Ans: APF Queen Nellie Evans Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship granted to students enrolled in a master’s or Ph.D. degree. This scholarship usually has an application deadline of January 31st every year.

Q.3. What documents are required for applying for the Scholarship?

Ans: You must submit a list of documents required for the application process. Some of the important documents required are as follows; 
-Statement of Purpose
-Letter of Recommendation
-Academic Transcripts 
-Additional documents

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