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When it comes to studying abroad, Canada ought to be there in the list of top countries preferred for overseas education. Why all this frenzy to study in Canada, especially in the top 10 colleges? The answer is simple. Canada is a host to some recognized universities having collegiate preeminence all over the globe. Further, the affordable cost of studying in Canada along with offering SDS Visa options makes the admission process easier for international students. Being a country that has such a conducive environment for the students and invests this much in Human Resources, there is no reason why anyone would not choose Canada to pursue higher education. So, here is a list of the top 10 universities in Canada for masters that you can consider.

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Why Study Masters in Canada?

Home to over 90 academic institutions, universities in Canada offer many masters degree programs in almost every field of study. In 2018, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) ranked Canada as the world’s most educated country with over 56% of its adults having earned some kind of education after completing high school. Canadian universities and colleges offer globally recognized postgraduate degrees in almost every field such as Medicine, Politics, Technology, Business, and Media, among others. Let’s take a look at the major reasons why opting for a master’s in Canada can help you get closer to your career goals:

  • Incremental importance has been given to research when it comes to master’s degree courses offered in Canada. The academic institutions encourage postgraduate students to avail research opportunities to delve deeper into their chosen field of study and attain extensive knowledge that is more than just a degree.
  • For master’s degrees, the cost of studying in Canada is comparatively more affordable than in mainstream countries like the UK and the USA.
  • International students can choose from various enticing scholarships offered by Canadian universities and specially designed for meritorious candidates seeking an affordable education. When it comes to degree courses for masters in Canada, there are copious financial aid schemes that provide students with the required monetary assistance to pursue their dream program.
  • If you want to explore full-time job opportunities after completing your masters in Canada, you can further apply for a work permit which can be acquired through quite a simplified procedure. 

Top Universities for Masters in Canada

From Management to Fine Arts, students can choose from a wide range of postgraduate courses offered by Canadian universities. The following table elucidates some of the popular Universities and courses you must consider while exploring your options for pursuing a master’s in Canada:

Name of the University QS World University Rankings 2023 THE World University Rankings
University of Toronto 34 18
McGill University 31 40
The University of British Columbia 47 34
University of Montreal 116 =73
University of Alberta 110 =131
McMaster University 152 69
University of Waterloo 154 201-250
Western University 172 201-250
University of Ottawa 237
University of Calgary 242
Dalhousie University 308 251-300
University Laval 433
Queen’s University 246 251-300
Simon Fraser University 328 251-300
University of Manitoba 651-700 351-400

University of Toronto 

If you too are looking for the answer to “which is the best college in Canada for international students,” then UoT is what you can consider. Being a part of the list of top 10 colleges in Canada, the university is well-known for its Master of Engineering in Electrical & Computer Engineering, Bachelor of Commerce (BCom), and Bachelor of Arts in Economics. The plus side of taking admission to the University of Toronto is that the academic layout here is not rigid and hence equips you with the opportunity to try a broad range of courses to explore your calibre. Also, if you are someone who is a top-of-the-line bibliophile, then their library would become your second home. Some of the popular courses of the university are

University of British Columbia 

This prestigious university has been home to 3 Canadian Prime Ministers and 8 Nobel Prize Winners. The University of British Colombia is a host for 64,798 students out of which 17,225 students are international students taking admission from over 160+ countries. UBC provides a conducive environment for research and provides over $669.1 million as a part of their research funding for over 9500+ projects as per the UCB website. As per the ranking of Times Higher Education, the university features as the 37th University around the world. The most popular courses that the University offers are BSc Nursing, Doctor of Dental Medicine in Dentistry (Vancouver), and MD-PhD program.

McGill University 

Best known for its medical and law courses, McGill University is a popular option among other top 10 colleges in Canada. The university believes in fraternity and inclusiveness offering its first degree to a woman in 1888 as well as appointing Canada’s first female university professor and enterprising the first fraternity for gay and bisexuals. If you are someone who wants to probe further into the area of research, then it has one of the oldest research facilities in the tropics known as Bellairs Research Institute in St. James, Barbados.

McMaster University

Listed 140th in QS Rankings, McMaster is a notable mention in our list of top 10 colleges in Canada. Apart from the STEM courses, the university is revered for its diverse programs in Business and Management, Humanities, Social Science as well as Health Sciences. Moreover, the university boasts of offering Canada’s first fully integrated, 5 years long, Biomedical and Health Science program. Apart from this, McMaster also has BA in Economics, Materials Engineering, Automotive and Vehicle Engineering Technology, BA Hons Actuarial and Financial Mathematics, etc on offer.

University of Alberta 

Featuring among the top universities to offer a course in Post Diploma BSc Dental Hygiene, BScKin – Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Bachelor of Science in Nursing, University of Alberta is the choicest institute for medical courses and thus is in our list of top 10 universities in Canada. Alberta is also one of the most famous universities to offer prominent career options in forestry and agriculture, manufacturing and tourism, and finance. Also, it provides Alberta Healthcare Insurance Plan (AHCIP) to international students who plan to stay there for 12 months or have a study permit.

University of Calgary 

One of the most sought-after universities offering top-notch courses in the field of medical science is the University of Calgary. It offers a bachelor’s as well as a master’s degree in Nursing and Management Technology. The university believes in offering courses that are an amalgamation of theory and practical knowledge with innovation and technology to aspiring for a blazing tomorrow. Some of the popular courses of the university are:

University of Ottawa 

Another name that shouldn’t be missed while talking about the top 10 colleges in Canada, is the University of Ottawa. It offers a profound course in Nursing at a bachelor’s as well as a master’s level. The university also features among the 10 most research-intensive universities in Canada. So, if you are keen to venture into the field of science and research, then, this might be the right choice for you. Some of the popular courses of the university are:

Affordable Universities in Canada

Many affordable universities in Canada offer education programs for international students. Here are the top universities in Canada for masters with lower tuition fees.

  • Brandon University
  • University of the Guelph
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • Canadian Mennonite University
  • University of St. Boniface
  • McGill University
  • Humber College
  • University of Calgary
  • University of Northern British Columbia
  • Centennial College 

Scholarships in Canada

Be it for undergraduate programs or scholarships in Canada for masters, those wanting to study in Canada will find plenty of opportunities to fund their education. Here is the complete list of scholarships in Canada:


How much does a Master’s cost in Canada?

It can cost anywhere between CAD $2,500 (INR 1,50,587) and CAD $18,000 (INR 10,84,233.30) in tuition cost. The overall expense can be more or less depending upon the individual lifestyle.

Is Canada good for Masters?

Canada is one of the top-ranked countries in the world for masters. Its universities like the University of Toronto, University of British Columbia and McGill University are amongst the top 50 universities in QS World Rankings 2022.

What is the eligibility for MS in Canada?

To study in Canada, students need 3-4 years of bachelor’s, IELTS score, LORS and SOP.

Which masters should I do in Canada?

Some of the most popular courses in Canada for masters are MBA, Engineering, Nursing, Psychology, International Relations, Data Science, Management, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences.

How long does it take to get a masters in Canada?

In Canada, a full-time master’s degree takes between one and two years to complete at one of the country’s universities. Part-time master’s programmes, on the other hand, can take anywhere from 2 to 6 years to finish and can be accomplished through online seminars, evening modules, or a distance learning programme.

Can international students who are pursuing masters in Canada work part-time?

Yes, international students can work for 20 hours a week during course sessions. Also, during vacations, they can work full time.

This was everything that you need to know about universities for masters in Canada. Reach out to our Leverage Edu experts at 1800572000 and book a free e-meeting today. They’ll guide you in choosing a suitable master’s degree course and university in Canada as well as throughout the application process to get you successfully shortlisted. 

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