10 Ways in Which the New Senate Program Will Improve International Education in Canada

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10 Ways in Which the New Senate Program Will Improve International Education in Canada

The Senate of Canada has once again outwardly expressed its desire to strengthen the integrity of the International Student Program in Canada. The Senate addressed the issues faced currently by the students in a comprehensive list. It also developed a recovery program for the same so that the students feel more welcomed. 

Furthermore, this will help the surging number of students settle quickly and effectively within the country. The authorities discussed several points under this plan and some of the most relevant ones are discussed below. 

Provisions for Strengthening the Integrity of International Students Program

  1. Expanding oversight for DLIs in Canada including Private Colleges. With this, the institutions in Canada will strive each day to make the experience of overseas students better on campus and off campus. This is also expected to result in pro-student policies such as assistance in finding jobs and housing in Canada.  
  1. Reducing dependency on international students for funding.
    This step might be a great win for students as reducing financial dependency on international students is expected to open more affordable options for students in Canada
  2. Improve provisions for international student awareness.
    Giving students a detailed awareness of the eligibility of Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) programs in Canada. This will help students enrol in the right programs if they are looking for post-study work options in the country.
  3. Creating affordable housing options.
    Another recommendation by the Senate is to streamline funds for postsecondary institutions. These funds will be dedicated to creating affordable student housing options. 
  4. Advises the authorities to create legal awareness.  DLIs and the Canadian government should take joint responsibility to create legal rights awareness. This will include awareness of the rights of international students in housing, employment, and sexual abuse. 
  1. Creating awareness around Permanent Residence.  Students will get an open and clear picture of the policies around PR in Canada. This will help them be prepared better for the process and also safeguard them from falling victim to fraud. 
  1. Uniform International Student Admission Standards.  Streamlining and standardizing the admission standards for DLIs means lesser confusion among students regarding eligibility and requirements. 
  1. Improving the verification process for Letters of Admission (LOAs).  This will not incur any changes in the existing conditions of the process or eligibility. Instead, it is to help the authorities screen the application better to avoid any discrepancies from their end while processing the application. 
  1. Penalizing unscrupulous education agents and institutions.  Agents and post-secondary institutions using fraud to lure the students will be penalised with fines and revocation of title. 
  1. No cap on international students coming to Canada.  There were no discussions on capping the number of international students in Canada. 

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