Permanent Residency Visa Canada

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One of the most welcoming countries for people from the whole world for academic and employment opportunities is Canada. It is also known for its welcoming opportunities in different fields. Thus it makes it a very popular destination for people seeking permanent residency in Canada. It includes several added benefits in terms of healthcare, social and even employment opportunities. In this blog, we will have a look at the detailed process of how to apply for permanent residency in Canada, eligibility for PR in Canada, the Application process, and much more. 

Permanent Residency Visa Canada

The term “ Permanent residency” means attaining an immigration status that allows individuals to work and live in Canada for an indefinite period without being a citizen of Canada. 

The person who wants to attain permanent residency has to first apply for a permanent residency visa in Canada. If he/she successfully attains the visa, they are entitled to a lot of benefits, even if they are not Canadian citizens. 

Having a permanent residency visa is the first step to attaining permanent citizenship in Canada. These are some immigration programs that one can apply for PR in Canada:

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Benefits of Permanent Residency Visa Canada

Once you obtain permanent residency in Canada, some of the benefits that come with it are: 

Healthcare Benefits

When you have a permanent residency in Canada, you have access to essential medical services and even you can get coverage for medical expenses. 

Social Benefits

Other than numerous health benefits, there are some social benefits like retirement pensions, insurance for unemployed people and disability insurance. 

Sponsorship Options

If you have permanent residency, you can also sponsor your family for permanent residency and ask them to join you in Canada.

Study and Employment Opportunities

When permanent residents want to work and study in Canada, they have access to more opportunities. You can study in government universities and take the benefits of lower tuition fees or scholarships. 

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Eligibility for PR In Canada

To become eligible for the PR in Canada, you must meet certain criteria. These criteria may also depend on the program you are applying for. 

Some of the eligibility requirements to have a permanent residency visa in Canada are:

Documents Required For Permanent Residency Visa In Canada

These are the important documents that you need to have while applying for Permanent Residency Visa in Canada:

  • Passport
  • Medical certificate
  • Identity proof
  • Birth certificate
  • Employment proof
  • Educational degree certificates
  • Bank statement
  • ECA
  • Clearance of English proficiency fest (Preferably IELTS)

Losing Permanent Residency Visa In Canada

Unfortunately, some people may lose permanent residency in Canada due to unforeseen circumstances. Sometimes these situations can be avoided, however, sometimes they cannot. 

Some of these situations are;

  • Become a Canadian citizen
  • Become inadmissible to Canada
  • Not been in Canada for 730 days in the last 5 years.
  • Renounce your Permanent residency status
  • Commit any heinous crime


How can I get permanent residency in Canada?

To get permanent residency in Canada, you need to first apply to the province or territory you want to live in. After the nomination, apply to IRCC for permanent residence and after this, your application is processed.

What is the validity of PR in Canada?

Most PR in Canada are valid for 5 years. However, in some cases, it is only valid for a year.

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