Myths vs Facts of Abroad Studies

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Lakhs of people decide to go abroad to study every year. But way more than that simply peek through the door of wishful thinking as a plethora of myths surrounding abroad studies pulls them back. What are these myths and which facts counter them with the correct information? Let’s check the same out through this blog that puts myths versus facts about abroad studies

Myth Fact 
Abroad Studies are extremely expensive. Abroad Studies can, in fact, be affordable. 
  • If you have thought of studying abroad, then the concern that it’s highly expensive must have crossed your mind and would have played the role of a major obstacle as you thought about it over and over again. But guess what? You wouldn’t have to worry about it too much. For with the right research and resources, you can find out the number of affordable options or routes you can take to make your abroad studies, not a burden. Furthermore, as abroad studies gain more traction, universities open their doors to financial aid and scholarships to international students; this also helps students to manage and afford their expenses and get enrolled in abroad studies at affordable rates. 
Myth Fact 
Learning the native language is a must. Basic knowledge and English Language Proficiency works. 
  • A lot of chitter-chatter goes around the myth that if you are planning to go abroad studies then you must be fluent in the language of your native country as well. Well, not really. It depends on the language of instruction of the course of your choice. A lot of countries majorly prefer English language proficiency and if your preferred courses are also taught in the same English language, then you don’t have to consider the fact of being unknown to the native language as such. 
Myth Fact 
Studying Abroad means parties and fun and adventure Studying Abroad is about learning, gaining new experiences, and cultural knowledge 
  • Many students who get admission to foreign countries and their universities have this misconception that once they enter into the foreign culture it’s all going to be fun and enjoyment; in the form of attending parties every weekend and romanticising the life of travel. We wouldn’t say that’s a fact. Sure, films largely contribute to this assumption that life abroad is all fun and games. But that’s only until you actually step into reality and realise your dream bubble is about to burst. No, we are not saying that it’s bad just because it’s not entirely a life of parties. Rather a life of new learning is waiting for you, which adds much more to your life experiences. 
Myth Fact 
Choosing abroad studies means being unsafe in an unfamiliar environment. Getting to know about the security system of your foreign country makes you understand that it’s not that unsafe 
  • Every country has their own laws and regulations, and being under the impression that it’s not safe to reside in another country is nothing but a myth. You can in fact be aware of the security system of the country you are going to and realise the provisions that have been set in place for your protection. Do use common knowledge, trust your instincts while learning about the emergency contact numbers of the country and reach out for help whenever you need it. 
Myth Fact 
I will not be accepted to a foreign university More and more universities are opening their doors to international students 
  • Do not question your potential to study abroad just because you are overpowered by the myth that you will not be accepted by a foreign university. There are a number of countries and a number of universities therein that are ready to accept international students from all over the world. So, do your research and, who knows, the university of your future might just be around the corner. 

So, were we able to burst some of your myths about abroad studies with facts? If you want to get a better understanding of going for abroad studies, but don’t know where to start, you can always reach out to Leverage Edu specialists at 1800 57 2000. Call us now for a FREE 30-minute consultation! 

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