Explore J2 Visa Rejection Reasons in Detail

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J2 Visa Rejection Reasons

J2 visa is a type of visa in the United States of America and has a very detailed or specific visa policy depending upon which the applications can be approved or rejected. Each and every application is carefully reviewed and in general, most of the applications are reviewed by a consul. The laws regarding visa policy are explained in detail for each visa type, requirement, and application process. Candidates who want to apply for a J2 Visa in the US must know about the J2 visa rejection reasons.

What is a J2 Visa?

J2 visa is for dependents of J1 visa. It is issued for spouses and children (unmarried and under the age of 21) of J1 visa holders. It is available only for basic types of J1 visa dependents. Approval of the J2 visa depends on various factors. However, approval or refusal rates depend on the J2 visa stamp at a US embassy or consulate. The approval and refusal rates for J2 visas depend on the total number of approvals and refusals. 

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Is it Possible to Study on a J2 Visa?

Generally, foreign candidates who wish to study in the US are required to apply for an F1 visa. However, J2 Visa holders are allowed to enrol in academic programs either as recreational or degree-seeking students. The candidates can enrol in any academic program either on a full or part-time basis and choose to discontinue their studies at any time. The processing time of a J2 work permit usually takes 3 to 5 months to get released. The candidates will also get a Social Security Number (SSN) when the EAD is approved. In some cases, they may receive an EAD card valid till the end of the J2 visa. 

J2 Visa Rejection Reasons

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Top J2 Visa Rejection Reasons

Check below the top reasons for J2 visa rejection reasons:

Incomplete Documentation or Application

A visa denial means that the candidate did not present a complete application with all the necessary documents to the consul. This does not mean that the application was rejected as they still have the chance to correct the mistake and provide the missing information.

Intent of Immigrant and Visa Qualifications 

Only nonimmigrant visa applications can be rejected under this section of visa law. If the visa application is denied under the INA section 214 (b) this means that the applicant has failed to convince the consular officer. 

Public Charge

A visa application rejected under section 212(a) (4) of the INA means that the consular officer found that the applicant is very likely to become dependent on the US government for their existence and financial support also known as “Public Charge”. 

Fraud and Misrepresentation

If the candidates try to obtain a visa falsely by representing facts or committing fraud then their visa application will be rejected under INA section 212(a)(6)(c)(i). If the candidates are hiding the fact that they have relatives in the US or have been convicted of committing crimes in the past will be considered fraud. Hence, this is a permanent ineligibility and therefore, they will not be issued a visa no matter how many times they apply for it. 

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What are the J2 visa work restrictions?

Work authorizations given to J2 visa holders are very limited. As a J2 visa holder, you are not permitted to work unless you receive USCIS permission. You can file an application mail to the USCIS for the same. This will allow you to obtain an EAD or the Employment Authorization Document. The card is provided by the  U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The processing time for an EAD card is between 90 to 120 working days.


Is it possible to get a visa after two rejections?

After getting rejected the candidates may reapply for the visa in the future. But if they reapply and are found ineligible they can submit a new visa application and pay the application fees except for 221 (g) refusals.

Are the future visas affected due to rejection?

In general, the visa refusal will be recorded in their immigration history and so the future application will be subject to more scrutiny.

For how long are the candidates required to wait after visa rejection?

There is no time limit till when the candidates can reapply for a US visa after getting denied but some things should be kept in mind. 

What questions are asked in a J-2 visa interview?

Several questions are asked in the J-2 visa interview and you need to answer all of them. The questions can be related to your purpose of stay, your financial stability, plans to work, and duration of stay .

We hope you now understand what are the J2 Visa Rejection Reasons. Want to apply for a Visa for your study abroad journey? Drop us a comment in the section below, or you can connect with a visa expert at Leverage Edu, and we will guide you on your dream journey!

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