UK Visa Application Online: Step-by-Step Process 

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UK Visa Application Online: Step-by-Step Process 

Any international traveller wanting to visit the United Kingdom needs a UK visa. There are different types of UK visas.The visa application is needed to secure the same. The UK visa is granted for study, travel, work, business, and other purposes to a foreigner. To receive the UK visa the application fee has to be submitted. Once, the visa is granted the individual is free to visit the UK for the duration of time set by the type of visa. Keep reading to learn more about the UK visa application online: visa types, eligibility criteria, documentation, the application process, fees, and more. 

Visa Name UK Visa 
ValidityVaries (depending on visa)
Processing Time3 weeks to 24 weeks  (depending on visa)

Steps for the UK Visa Application Online 

The following are the essential steps that an applicant needs to take to receive a UK visa application online. The four main steps for the UK visa application are as follows

  1. Choose the visa to apply for
  2. Prepare your application
  3. Prove your identity
  4. Getting a decision on your application

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Types of UK Visa and their Purpose

The visa application has to be submitted based on the type of visa. The following are the different types of UK visas. 

Note: the visas are granted based on the purpose of the visit (travel, study, business, joining family, etc), the location of the applicant, duration of stay, and personal circumstances and skills.

Purpose of Visa Visa Type 
To visit the UK (holiday, to see family, business trip, short course of study)Standard visitor visa 
For marriage in the UKMarriage visitor visa 
For traveling through the UK Travel visa 
To study in the UK (less than 6 months)Standard Visitor visa 
To study in the UK (6 months-11 months)Short-term study visa 
To study in the UK (sponsored by a university)Student visa 
To study in the UK ( 4 to 17 year old)Child Student visa 
To work in the UKWork visa 
To set up a business Innovator Founder visa.
To join the family in the UKFamily visa 
Commonwealth citizensAncestry visa
Returning residentsReturning Resident visa 

When to Start the UK Visa Application Online?

Most of the UK visa application process can be completed online. Those who are applying with dependents will have to fill out a separate application form for each dependent. The UK Visa Application Online must be completed at the earliest. The time varies depending on the visa type:

Purpose of the visa Application Time 
Visit visa 3 months before your planned travel date
Work visas6 months before travelling to the UK
Student and Child Student visas6 months before your course start date
Settlement 6 months before traveling  to the UK

UK Visa Application Online Decision 

The UK visa application decision time taken can vary depending on the type of visa application, how the application has been processed, and where the applicant has applied from. The following table explains the time taken for a UK visa application.

Visa Type Time Taken for a Visa Processing Time 
Standard visitor visa 3 weeks 
Travel visa 24 weeks 
Student visa 3 weeks
Work visa3 Weeks
Family visa 8 weeks

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UK Visa Application Online Fees 

The UK visa application online fees vary depending on the visa type. Therefore, we have provided a list of the UK visa application fees for the most common types of visas.

Visit Visa Application Fees (INR)
Standard Visitor visa (Short-term study visa)21639
Standard Visitor visa (Transit)3787-6925
Standard Visitor visa (Parents of children at school)68921
Standard Visitor visa (child visitors)12443-104193
Study Visa Application Fee (INR)
Short-term study visa21639
Parents of children at school68921
Join Family Visa Application Fee (INR)
Family of settled people (settlement)199731- 351638
Family members of the European Economic Area (EEA) and Swiss nationalsFree
Members of the armed forces and their families (non-settlement)68921
Work VisaApplication Fee (INR)
Work – applications made outside the UK 77793-88937
Temporary Work (also applicable to the Isle of Man)32243
Other work categories68921- 128862
Members of the armed forces and their families (non-settlement)Free-68921

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Payment for Healthcare

Along with the application fees, it is healthcare fees that can be charged. That is, if the application is made for a study/work/join your family visa or for temporarily living in the UK.

Proving You do not Have Tuberculosis (TB)

Those who are entering the UK for more than 6 months must preset the TB test certificate. It is one of the necessary steps to become eligible for the UK visa application.

Identity Proof for the UK Visa Application Online 

Certain documents are required to apply for a UK visa. These documents are needed to prove the eligibility of the candidate for the visa. Depending on where the applicant is from and the passport they are holding, the visa identity proof can be submitted by:

  • Getting an appointment at the visa application centre: Visit the nearest visa application centre to book a visa appointment. The identification must be made within 240 days of applying online. Children under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult.  Either upload the evidence before your appointment or have the documents scanned at the centre for a fee
  • Using the ‘UK Immigration: ID Check’ smartphone app: Use the app to scan the identification documents, and submit a photo. 

Getting a Decision on the Application

After the visa application is processed the results regarding the same will be announced. The home office will decide on the application and an email will be sent regarding the same.

  • The successful applicants will get a sticker that goes with the passport, and access to the immigration status checking online. The online immigration status will show the type of visa granted and the date till the visa is valid.
  • Visa refusal: In case of a visa refusal, the applicant will be made aware of the same. The passport of the applicant will be returned, and whether the applicant is eligible for an administrative review or immigration decision appeal will be made clear.

UK Visa Denial Appeal

When a visa application is rejected the applicants are notified. The reasons for the visa application denial are also provided. However, if you think this decision was taken unjustly you can appeal it. To appeal against the visa application you need to do the following:

UK Visa Application Online: Step-by-Step Process 
  • Fill out the Form IAFT-2 or the visa appeal form, and must be same at the UK Immigration and Asylum Chamber.
  • Next, the documents would be provided to the relevant authorities
  • Later on, a new decision regarding the visa application would be taken. The decision would be communicated to the applicant in writing.
  • In case, the decision remains unchanged you can correct the mistakes and apply them again 

Extension of UK Visa Application Online 

It is possible to extend the UK visa application? However, the exact process for the same differs. The visa application extension depends on the type of visa you have received. For example, a standard visitor visa applicant can receive the visa extension as long as the total time spent in the country is less than 6 months.

5 Things that a UK Visa Holder Must Know

A UK visa holder must keep the following things in mind. Keeping these things in mind can result in a smooth visa application process:

  • The visa type indicates the visa authorities who have access to the country on a temporary or permanent basis.
  • It also informs the authorities whether the visa has expired or not. It can indicate who can enter and who needs to exit the country
  • Every visa has certain conditions attached to it. The visa holder must agree to follow these conditions.

Countries You Can Travel with a United Kingdom Visa 

After completing the UK visa application online, and obtaining the visa, you can travel to the UK. Moreover, with a UK visa you can travel to several other countries.  Some of these countries are:

Albania British Territory of Bermuda British Territory of Cayman Islands Costa Rica 
British Territory of Anguilla Dominican Republic Curacao Egypt 
Armenia Ireland Georgia Jordan 
Bahamas Mexico Montenegro Morocco 
Oman Panama Peru Qatar 
Serbia Singapore Saudi Arabia Turkey 
United Arab Emirates 


Can I apply for a UK visa online?

Yes. It is possible to apply for a UK visa online. For example, a standard visa can be applied online before traveling to the UK, and by attending an appointment at the UK visa office. However, the application has to be made 3 months before travel.

How long UK visa take?

The duration of the UK visa processing can differ depending on the type of visa. For example. A standard visitor visa can take up to 3 weeks and a travel visa can take up to 24 weeks.

What are the requirements for a UK visa application?

Some of the documents required for a UK visa application are the visa application form, photographs, passport, proof of finances, proof of accommodation, travel itinerary, TB test results, and the biometric information of the applicant. 

Is it easy to get UK visa now?

The UK tourist visa process is straightforward. To get a UK visa you need to decide the visa you want to apply for, submit the application for it, upload the necessary documents, and pay the visa application fee. At present the UK student visa acceptance rate is 98%, It means it is fairly easy to get a UK visa.

We hope you now understand what a UK visa application online is, its requirements, the application process, etc. Want to apply for a Visa for your study abroad journey? Drop us a comment in the section below, or you can connect with a visa expert at Leverage Edu, and we will guide you on your dream journey!

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