What is the Full Form of EU?

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Full Form of EU

The full form of EU is European Union. European Union, was established following World War 2. The EU’s primary goal is to keep peace between the world’s nations. EU is a political and economic union of 27 nations that uphold democratic principles. One of the most potent trading blocks in the world is the European Union. 19 of the world’s 27 nations use the euro as their primary reserve currency. 

Goals of EU

The EU first concentrated mainly on economic development, but as time went on, it began to take on a more comprehensive mission:

  • The EU is in charge of preserving the nation’s peace, harmony, and citizens’ general welfare.
  • EU will provide all of its citizens with security, justice, and freedom without internal boundaries.
  • The European Union will endeavor to advance social justice and equality while advancing the continent of Europe. 
  • In addition to Europe, the EU will think about protecting the environment by promoting peace on a global scale. 
  • To ensure that the EURO is the dominant currency in every nation classified as part of the EU. 
  • The European Union will fight against prejudice and social marginalization. Every language and culture will be honoured.

Values of EU

Check out the values of EU given below:

  • Freedom: The European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights upholds everyone’s right to freedom of thought, conscience, expression, and information. The citizens of these nations are guaranteed the freedom to emigrate and live without restriction in any EU nation. 
  • Human Rights and Dignity: In every nation and circumstance, human dignity should be undeniable. Individuals are protected by the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights from discrimination based on gender, race, religion, age, and other factors, and EU members can also protect their personal data. 
  • Democracy: The EU is built around the idea of bringing about democratic change in a nation. This covers the ability to cast a ballot in elections, run for office, and even grant citizens the ability to vote in their nation of origin. 
  • Equality: The European Union works to ensure that men and women are treated equally across all of its member states. In any field under the jurisdiction of the EU, there is no superior or inferior party.
  • Rule of Law: All EU regulations and objectives are established through voluntary treaties.

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