Important Information Regarding Singapore Spouse Visa Requirements

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singapore spouse visa requirements

Singapore welcomes a lot of travellers from across the world for various different reasons like travelling, studying, working, etc. The biggest population of all is for studying and working. The foreign nationals that come and stay in Singapore for this long duration may or may not get permanent residence in the country but they are likely to get their partner along with them. The partner of the foreign nationals or spouse needs to get a spouse visa to travel and stay in the country. Let us know in detail about the Singapore spouse visa requirements to get you prepared way in advance. 

What Is a Singapore Spouse Visa

The Singapore spouse visa is a visa granted to the spouse of a Permanent resident or a Singapore citizen so that their spouse can live with them freely. There are two types of Singapore spouse visas based on whether the person is a permanent resident or a Singapore citizen. 

singapore spouse visa requirements

Spouse of Singapore citizen

If you fall in this category then you can apply for a long-term visit pass (LTVP). This pass allows you to stay in the country for 36 months and can be renewed till you are married and the visa allows the I and out travel any time during the validity of the pass. 

Spouse of Singapore permanent resident

If you are a spouse of a permanent in the country then you do not need to get a visit pass, rather you can simply for a dependents pass known as DP. DP is only applicable if the couple is married and it allows the spouse to enjoy all the rights as a general citizen of the country. 

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Singapore Spouse Visa Elligibility

Several requirements need to be fulfilled if you want to be eligible for an LTVP, the following are the Singapore spouse visa requirements for eligibility: 

  • The most basic and important requirement is that your sponsor/ spouse must be a citizen of Singapore and the age must be 21 or above.
  • The sponsor must have a valid income of the amount that meets the minimum requirement as the finches are required to support you financially. The minimum income amount varies depending on the situation.

To be eligible for the dependent pass as a spouse for Singapore, the following are the eligibility requirements that need to be met:

  • The sponsor must be a permanent resident of Singapore
  • The age of the sponsor must be 21 and above
  • The sponsor must have sufficient funds to support the dependent spouse financially 
  • The sponsor must have a birth certificate as proof
  • The couple must be married and must have proof of the same in the form of certification

Singapore Spouse Visa Requirements 

After making sure you are eligible for the visa you are choosing, the next step is to ensure the requirements are fulfilled. The following is the list of Singapore visa requirements:

Comom requirements for both types of visas: 

  • You need to have a valid passport which is valid for the coming six months at least and has been issued in the previous 10 years. The passport must contain some blank pages for the purpose of stamping
  • You need to have recently clicked passport-sized photographs that are clicked according to the guidelines provided by the country
  • Proof of financial income if you are self-sufficient otherwise [proof of the availability of resources of the sponsor that can help you sustain a lifestyle in Singapore
  • Proof of education and qualifications

You will need the following documents apart from the common documents:

Long-term visiting pass Depemdanr’s pass
Proof of relationship in the form of joint account, etcA marriage certificate as proof of marriage
Spouse’s Singapore identity card Spouse’s permanent resident identity card
Proof of the income of the spouse in the form of a contribution statement, income tax assessment, etcSpouse’s employment pass, or enter pass with a minimum salary of 6,000 USD per month

All the documents including the certificate must be submitted in English, if not originally, then they must be translated into English before submission. 

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Singapore Spouse Visa Application Process

singapore spouse visa requirements

The following is the application process for the Singapore spouse visa: 

  • Suppose you are a nonresident of Singapore and are planning to shift later. In that case, it is good if you can get your pre-marital LTVP assessment done before marriage itself to avoid the application time later. If you are married then the application for the DP can be submitted easily online. 
  • The application needs to be submitted electronically through the ICA e-service
  • The application form should be filled with the correct information before submission
  • The documents as mentioned in the requirements above and as mentioned on the website must be submitted in the supporting format
  • After the documentation, the fee for the visa application needs to be paid 
  • There might be the need for additional documentation at the time of the interview which you will be informed about
  • Once the card is ready, you will be notified and you can collect it at the ICA office. 

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Permit On Singapore Spouse Visa

On an LTVP you can enjoy visa-free travel to a lot of countries and can also apply for a letter of pre-approval consent if you wish to work in the country.

On a dependant pass, you can apply for permanent residence in the country after the marriage has completed two years, visa-free travel and multiple entry visa and you can freely look for and work in the country 


What is the processing time for both types of Spouse visas for Singapore?

The processing time for the spouse visa can vary based on the complexity of the case. However, it usually takes the LTVP to be processed in 6 weeks, whereas the Dependant pass takes 4 to 6 weeks for processing. 

Are the spouses allowed to work in Singapore on a spouse visa?

The LTVP allows the applicant to apply further for a pre-approval letter of consent to be able to work in the country. Whereas, the Dependent pass holders are allowed to work and earn in the country freely. 

What is the validity of the spouse visa in Singapore? 

The LTVP allows the stay in the country for 36 initial months but if the visa expires by extending the duration of the stay, it can be renewed. However, the dependant visa can be turned into a Permanent residence card if the marriage completes 2 years. 

We hope you understand everything about the Singapore spouse visa requirements. Want to apply for a Visa for your study abroad journey? Drop us a comment in the section below, or you can connect with a visa expert at Leverage Edu, and we will guide you on your dream journey!

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