Common Turkish Visa Rejection Reasons for 2024

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Turkish Visa Rejection Reasons

 Are you planning to travel to Turkey, such a vibrant and stunning country? But visa issues can spoil the plans. Especially if you receive an unexpected rejection for your Turkey visa. You naturally feel as though you have no idea where to begin or what to do at this point. To resolve all your doubts in this complete article, we will help you make sure you know what you need to complete during your Turkish visa application process and what steps you can take to get away from Turkish visa rejection reasons. For more information, you can check out our latest blog on Turkish Visa Rejection Reasons. 

What are the Types of Turkish Visa? 

Depending on your travel needs, you must be fully informed about the specifics of the many visa categories that are accessible to Indian citizens in order to submit the appropriate application.

Visa TypeDescriptionDuration
Tourist VisaThis kind of visa is meant for visitors to Turkey.Up to 90 days
Official VisaThis category of visa is designed for couriers, shipments, and duty assignments between Turkey and India.
Work VisaA worker traveling for work, journalists, academics, athletes, and assigned artists are the target audience for this sort of visa. 
Business VisaThis category of visa is designed for people visiting Turkey on business trips.Up to 90 days
Student VisaIndividuals coming to Turkey for courses, internships, or language learning are the target audience for this type of visa.
Other VisaThis kind of visa is meant for people going to Turkey for medical care, family reunions, or document-related travel.

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What are the Turkish Visa Rejection Reasons?

Here are some of the main Common Turkish Visa Rejection Reasons for 2024 that most applicants face while applying for a Turkish visa.

  • Inaccurate or Missing Documents: Frequently, visa applications are denied due to incomplete or incorrect documentation. Many visa applications are denied as a result of improperly formatted documentation.
  • Not adequate Money Shown: To ensure you have adequate cash for your stay, you must provide proof. Clear documentation, such as pay stubs and bank statements, must be submitted. Turkey does not have a set minimum amount of money required of applicants in order to grant them a visa. On the other hand, you must provide proof that you have enough money to support yourself while in Turkey when you apply for a visa. You must, however, have at least USD 50 each day in order to obtain a tourist visa.
  • Uncertain Reasons for Travel: If your goal is to study, you should be quite clear about it when you travel. Clearly describe your purpose for visiting, whether it is for business or pleasure. A hazy explanation could lead to a rejection.
  • Errors on Your Form: You should be aware of the important information you must include in your application; if you omit any information, this could lead to a Rejection of Turkish Visas

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  • Previous Criminal Record or Visa Issues: You may have a high probability of having your Turkish visa denied if you have a criminal record or a poor travel history. 
  • Applied Too Late: Each step of the application procedure has a deadline; attempt to finish it on time to avoid having your Turkish visa denied. 
  • Medical reasons: In cases where they endanger public health, certain medical disorders may necessitate further screenings or bar access.
  • Too Many Applications: It’s best to be informed about every step of the process, including the visa application, as a large number of applications may result in the rejection of some valid applications. 
  • Langugae issues: Lack of proficiency in Turkish is a language barrier because most Turks do not speak English.
Turkish Visa Rejection Reasons

What to Do If  Turkey Visa Get Rejected?

It is advisable to arrange a visit to the closest Turkish Embassy or Consulate in the event that your visa is denied. But keep in mind that there are typically lengthy lines at the office when you’re trying to get an appointment. The wait period for the appointment can occasionally vary by a few weeks. The representatives of the Turkish Embassy or Consulate will assist you in determining the cause of the visa refusal during the appointment.  Although receiving a rejection for a visa can be difficult, you shouldn’t lose up. If your application for a visa to Turkey was rejected, follow this easy advice to try again:

  • Understand the reason behind the rejection: A letter outlining your visa refusal for Turkey will be sent to you. Go over it carefully. The first step in solving an issue is identifying it.
  • Verify Your Submission application: Examine your initial application. Have you overlooked anything? You might have erred in judgment. Recognizing mistakes will benefit your subsequent application.
  • Give Additional Documents: Try to provide more documents if they claimed that you did not provide enough evidence. Bank statements, employment offers, or even an invitation from a Turkish person can be examples of this.
  • Errors Correction: After identifying the prior errors that resulted in your application being denied, proactively rectify them. It is crucial to make sure that all inconsistencies have been fixed before reapplying, regardless of the cause—inadequate documentation, missing information, or other problems.
  • Re Apply the Application: Apply again right away with Atlys. When you do, though, make sure you’ve addressed every issue from the start. To lower the possibility of any inconsistencies and enhance the overall quality of the application, double-check all the information supplied against the original papers.
  • Remain Up to Date: Visa regulations are subject to change. Check if there are any new regulations you should be aware of before reapplying.

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Why did my Turkey visa get rejected?

Incomplete or Inaccurate Documentation: Providing inadequate or erroneous documentation is a major factor in visa denials. Make sure all necessary documents are submitted in the right way and satisfy the particular requirements set forth by the Turkish authorities.

Is a Turkish visa difficult to get?

A 180-day single entry visa is available for Turkey, allowing visitors to remain for up to 30 days. Indian nationals can conveniently apply for a Turkish visa at a visa application center or through Atlys.

What is the rejection rate for a Turkey visa?

According to reports from Ekonomi, Turkey’s rate of rejection for Schengen visa applications has reportedly increased to 50% in 2023 from roughly 15% last year. Some nations have reportedly stopped accepting visa applications, while others have postponed difficult-to-get appointments for months.

Here are the common Turkish visa rejection reasons for 2024. If you have any questions related to the visa process, you can reach out to Leverage Edu and connect with our expert at 1800 57 2000.

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