All You Need to Know About Dubai Transit Visa

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dubai transit visa

Dubai Transit Visa is given to international travellers transiting through the country to another destination. A transit visa is issued for either 96 hours or 48 hours. In any circumstance, a transit visa cannot be given for more than 96 hours. To get a Dubai transit visa, you need to meet the eligibility requirements and documentation requirements. Moreover, the application for the visa must be filed correctly. In this blog, we have explained everything you need to know about the Dubai Transit Visa.

Do I need a visa for transit in Dubai?

Yes. Indian nationals need to apply for a Dubai transit visa. However, there are certain exceptions to this rule. Starting from 7 January 2024, a 14-day visa on arrival has been granted to Indian nationals meeting the eligibility criteria:

dubai transit visa
  • An Indian passport holder with a USA green card. The green card must be valid for a minimum of 6 month
  • An Indian passport holder with a UK residence card. The residence card must be valid for a minimum of 6 months 
  • An Indian passport holder with a USA visa that is valid for 6 months.
  • An Indian passport holder with an EU residence card from an eligible country. For example, Ireland, Italy, and Malta. The residence card must be valid for at least 6 months.

Nationals from countries approved by the UAE as visa-free or visa-on-arrival do not need to apply for a Dubai transit visa. 

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Types of Dubai Transit Visas

There are two types of Dubai transit visas you can apply for. These are as follows:

dubai transit visa

48-Hour Transit Visa 

The 48-hour Dubai transit visa is given for short layovers in Dubai. This is a single-entry visa that allows you a maximum stay of 48 hours. A transit visa is not renewable. You can also not apply for a visa extension. A transit visa is given free of cost.

96 Hours Transit Visa 

A 96-hour transit visa is given for longer layovers. You can stay up to 4 days or 96 hours on this visa. The first day of arrival is considered as Day 1. You need to exist before midnight on Day 4. This visa can take a 3-4 days processing time. You need to pay for visa charges to obtain this visa.

Particulars Transit Visa 48 hours Transit Visa 96 hours 
Validity Of Entry30 Days30 Days
Duration48 Hours4 Days
Number Of EntriesSingle entrySingle entry

Eligibility for a Dubai Transit Visa 

International travellers who have layovers over a specified time are required to apply for a transit visa.  The requirement must be confirmed with the selected airline. Indian nationals who have a US visa/green card and EU/UK residence permit are allowed to apply for a visa on arrival for 14 days. Those falling under this category must confirm their eligibility with the respective airlines.

However, in some cases, a transit visa may not be required. For example, if the layover is within the permitted timeframe (transit). That is, from a few hours to 24 hours. Those who have obtained a transit permit can stay in the airport transit area. In any circumstance, if you want to leave the airport or extend the layover, you need to apply for a transit visa.

Dubai Transit Visa Requirements 

The Dubai Transit visa  requirements are as follows: 

  • Fill out the application form (available on the official website of the airline)
  • A photograph (minimum of 600×600 pixels) 
  • Passport copy (your name, date of birth, nationality, passport number, etc must be clearly visible)
  • Submit a valid passport with 6 months of validity
  • Additionally, you must present a confirmed ticket for travelling to Zayed International Airport. You must be travelling from Abu Dhabi to a 3rd destination 
  • The birth certificate of the child must be submitted.
  • Similarly, supporting documents of other dependents  (parents/spouse) must be submitted
  • Minor females (under the age of 18) must submit the Photo ID of their husbands or parents,  
  • Any additional documents requested must also be presented

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Duration of a Dubai Transit Visa

You can get a Dubai transit visa for 48 hours or 96 hours. Those who have obtained a transit visa for 48 hours cannot apply for a 96-hour transit visa.

  • Transit Visa for 48 hours- As the name suggests, this visa is given for 48 hours. The visa is not extendable or re-applicable. Within 48 hours you are required to leave the UAE.
  • Transit Visa for 96 hours:- You will have to leave the UAE within 96 hours of the time of entry.

Application Process for a Dubai Transit Visa

To obtain a Dubai transit visa you do not have to apply at an embassy or consulate. Instead, you need a sponsor to apply for you. A sponsor can be an airline. However, only UAE-based airlines can take this responsibility. The airline would get the visa from a visa-issuing agency. Therefore, if you want to transit through Dubai then you need to apply for a transit visa. The application process is as follows:

dubai transit visa
  • Visit the official website of the airline
  • Go to the section where you can apply for a transit visa
  • Ensure you have the essential documents
  • Select the transit visa you want to apply for
  • You will be redirected to a transit visa application
  • Enter the details, and upload the documents
  • After you have filled out the form you can make the payment
  • Lastly, submit the visa application form 

Fees for Dubai Transit Visa

The type of visa you are applying for determines the fees you pay for it. The fees for the transit visas are provided below:

Visa NameFees
Transit Visa (48 hours)Free
Transit Visa (96 hours)AED 50 

Note: the UAE transit visa fees can vary depending on the airline. For example, Etihad Airways would charge 216 AED (for a 96-hour transit visa), and 55 AED (for a 48-hour transit visa)

Dubai Transit Visa Processing Time

Generally, it takes 3-5 business days to process your transit visa application. However, the processing time can be extended depending on where you are applying and when you are applying. Check your visa application status to keep track of your application.

Things to Keep in Mind While Applying for a Dubai Transit Visa

There are certain things you must keep in mind when applying for a transit visa. These tips will be useful for a smooth visa application:

  • A transit visa is non-renewable. The visa is given only for a short period. Therefore, plan your tip in an organised way. Ensure that you do not overstay the visa. If you want to stay for longer period you can apply for Dubai visit visa and not a transit visa.
  • A transit visa is only given when proof of travel is provided. For example, air tickets or ferry tickets. 
  • If you do not provide the essential documents your visa application will be rejected
  • Entering Dubai on a transit visa does not permit you to engage in activities that other visas may permit. (For example, taking up work).

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Do I need a transit visa for Dubai for 3 hours layover?

As an Indian national you need to apply for a Dubai transit visa. This is true even if the layover is only for 3 hours. However, if you hold an Indian passport and a US Green card/US visa/UK Residence card/EU residence card you do not need to apply for a transit visa for a 3-hour layover.

Can I apply for Dubai transit visa online?

Yes. It is possible to apply online. To apply, get an air ticket (transiting through Dubai), and apply at the official website of the selected airline.

Do I need visa for 7 hours layover in Dubai?

Yes. You need a transit visa for a 7-hour layover in Dubai. This is not applicable if you are an Indian passport holder with a US Green card/US visa/UK Residence card/EU residence card valid for 6 months. This is because Dubai offers visas on arrival to these Indian nationals.

We hope you now understand what is Dubai Transit Visa. Want to apply for a Visa for your study abroad journey? Drop us a comment in the section below, or you can connect with a visa expert at Leverage Edu, and we will guide you on your dream journey!

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