Like A Fish Out Of Water Idiom Meaning with Examples

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Like A Fish Out Of Water Idiom Meaning is an individual who feels uncomfortable or unpleasant due to their unfamiliar surroundings or since they are not like the others around them. You don’t feel at ease or relaxed if you appear to be a fish out of water since you are in an odd or foreign scenario.

The expression “fish out of water” refers to a person thrust into an unfamiliar circumstance. This phrase refers to the reality that fish cannot live on dry land for an extended period of time because it is outside of their natural habitat. The first instance can be found in Samuel Purchas’s Pilgrimage from 1613.

Usage With Example

Given below are a few examples of the idiom:

  • Nobody was conscious of the problem, and our new teacher appeared to be a fish out of the water.
  • We had no idea how to help Phil feel at ease under the new leadership. He appeared to be a fish out of water.
  • Since Sara is taking some online classes to sharpen her notions, she didn’t appear to be a fish out of water during the mathematics lesson.
  • When Martin’s mother asked him to fetch some ingredients to cook with, he felt like a fish out of the water because he had never been to a shop before.

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Synonyms and Similar Words

A few synonyms of the idiom are:

  • misfit
  • square peg in a round hole
  • ugly duckling

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Meaning Quiz

She being a Tamilian felt like a fish out of water _________________.

  • among the north Indians.
  • In the park.
  • With them.

Answer: among the north Indians

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