15 Best Introductory Phrase Examples in English You Should Know

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Introductory phrase examples: An introductory phrase is known for setting the stage for a coordinating (independent) clause, to introduce the main idea. One must know that an introductory phrase never stands alone and always occurs at the beginning of the sentence. Following this, as a grammar nazi, you must have a strong knowledge as well as an understanding of introductory phrases and how can they be used in sentences. Continue reading this blog, to know all about introductory phrase examples and their usage in English grammar

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What is an Introductory Phrase?

An introductory phrase occurs at the beginning of the sentence, serving as the precursor to the sentence’s key message. It also introduces the reader to the rest of the sentence. This is done by setting a transition and signalling that the sentence’s most important message is yet to come.

Keep in mind that an introductory phrase does not contain both a subject and a verb, together. It can never stand alone and is always a part of the larger sentence. The phrase can either have a verb or a subject

For example, “According to experts, you should get at least seven to eight hours of sleep per night.”

15 Introductory Phrase Examples

Here are some examples of introductory phrases to get a better understanding of how they are used in sentences:

Introductory phrase examples
  1. Let’s delve into… 
  2. In today’s lesson, we’ll explore…
  3. Did you know? 
  4. One of the most important skills in…
  5. Building on what we learned last time… 
  6. Imagine this…
  7. Throughout history…
  8. Writers often use…
  9. When it comes to…
  10. An interesting way to think about…
  11. Beyond the surface… 
  12. Let’s break down… 
  13. One challenge we face in… 
  14. The concept of… 
  15. It’s important to remember that…
Examples of Introductory Phrases

Introductory Phrases Examples in Sentences

  1. Therefore, I plan to quit drinking.
  2. Nervously, I threw away my cigarettes.
  3. As a result, I feel great now. 
  4. After 20 years of smoking, it is not easy to quit.
  5. Having smoked for 20 years, I find it difficult to quit. 

Introductory Phrase Quiz

1. Identify the introductory phrase in the following sentence: After finishing his homework, John went to bed.

A) After finishing his homework

B) John went to bed

C) His Homework

D) Finishing his homework

Answer: A) After finishing his homework

2. Which phrase is the introductory phrase in the sentence below? Before the storm hit, the children played outside.

A) Before the storm hit

B) The children played outside

C) The children

D) Before the storm

Answer: A) Before the storm hit

3. Find the introductory phrase: In the morning, Sarah likes to drink coffee.

A) In the morning

B) Sarah likes to drink coffee

C) To drink coffee

D) Sarah

Answer: A) In the morning

4. Identify the introductory phrase: Despite the rain, they decided to go for a walk.

A) Despite the rain

B) They decided to go for a walk

C) For a walk

D) The rain

Answer: A) Despite the rain

5. Which phrase serves as the introductory phrase in the sentence? After the movie ended, they went out for dinner.

A) After the movie ended

B) They went out for dinner

C) The movie

D) For dinner

Answer: A) After the movie ended

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What is an example of an introductory phrase?

Here is an example of an introductory phrase: While getting ready for bed, Susan heard a knock at the door.

What is an introductory phrase?

Introductory phrases set the stage for the main clause in the sentence. However, they are not complete clauses. 

What are some commonly used introductory phrases?

Some commonly used introductory phrases are, however, indeed, therefore, on the one hand, and several others. 

We hope this blog has provided you with all the necessary information on introductory phrase examples. To advance your grammar knowledge and read more informative blogs, check out our Learn English page and don’t forget to follow Leverage Edu.

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