15 Best Phrases Examples (with Usage)You Should Know in English 

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Phrases Examples: Imagine you are in the English language class, having a group discussion on the ‘Importance of time management for students’. You want to contribute to the conversation but are stuck using words like ‘yes’, ‘cool’, or ‘interesting’. This is where phrasal verbs or clauses come into the picture. These groups of words not only enrich your English vocabulary but also help you add more meaning and details in your discussions, compared to using just one word. 

Therefore, this blog article will walk you through some cool phrase examples, along with their usage, that you can strategically incorporate to make an impact as a speaker or writer, on par with a native English speaker. 

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Types of Phrases with Examples 

Before discussing some of the best phrase examples in English, let’s briefly analyse the types of phrases a student must know to keep grammar mistakes at bay. Mainly, there are five types of phrases that are used widely in the grammar realm, that are:

  1. Noun Phrase
  2. Verb Phrase
  3. Adjective Phrase
  4. Adverb Phrase
  5. Prepositional Phrase

Noun Phrases Examples

It acts as a noun but can contain more than one word. For example, ‘The red backpack on the chair.’ In the prior-mentioned example, ‘Red backpack’ describes the noun ‘Chair’ specifically. Check a few more examples of noun phrases here on for a better understanding. 

  • The big red apple
  • A book on the table
  • That old wooden chair
  • Her beautiful smile
  • Five cups of coffee

Examples of Verb Phrases 

It contains the main verb and can include helping (auxiliary) verbs to show past, present, or future tense, or an active and passive voice. For instance, ‘We will be presenting our research findings tomorrow’ is a verb phrase.’ Go through the additional phrases examples listed below for future usage of verbs.

  • Ran quickly
  • Jumped over the fence
  • Will study tomorrow
  • Has been working hard
  • Can play the piano

Adjective Phrases Examples

The adjective phrases, on the other hand, modify nouns by adding details about their qualities. For instance, ‘The student was very excited about the science fair. As you can see in this example, the phrase ‘very excited is describing the student’s level of enthusiasm. 

Here are some more examples you can use to understand the adjectival phrases a little better. 

  • Extremely difficult 
  • Surprisingly easy
  • Very tall
  • Quite challenging
  • Incredibly expensive

Examples of Adverb Phrase

An adverb phrase consists of an adverb and any modifiers or complements, often indicating manner, place, time, frequency, degree, or reason. For example, ‘She carefully reviewed the notes before the exam.’

  • With great care
  • In a hurry
  • Quite suddenly
  • Very slowly
  • Far away

Prepositional Phrases

Unlike the adverbial, prepositional phrases show the direction, location, or time of an action by combining with a noun or pronoun and an object. For instance, ‘She sat after the lecture to ask the teacher a question.’ Read some more instances in the listicle below and observe the usage of these phrases.

  • In the morning
  • On the table
  • Under the bridge
  • With a smile
  • By the window

15 Examples of Phrases with Usage – Download PDF

So far, you have learned that nothing can beat the usage of phrases when it comes to adding depth, details, and clarity within a sentence. These can function as nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions, equivalently. 

Now, go through the following phrasal pdf that will help you improve their usage in any conversation or in writing for better: 

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This was all about phrase examples and related information. Hope you understand the concept and know how to proceed. You can also follow the Learn English page of Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs related to grammar. 

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