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adverb examples sentences

Adverb Examples Sentences: An adverb is a word which is used to modify the meaning of a verb, another adverb or even an adjective. Some examples of adverbs include: sweetly, today, yesterday, quickly, bravely, beautifully, boldly, fast, loudly and several others. In this post, you will learn about the types of adverbs and come across 99+ adverb examples sentences. Continue reading this blog. 

What is Adverb?

An adverb is like an adjective that gives us more information about a noun in a sentence. It is used to provide us with information on the verb or the action that is taking place in the sentence. Moreover, it also has the property of describing an adjective or an adverb. 

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Types of Adverbs?

Adverbs can be categorised into several categories as per their functions when used in sentences. Here is a list of types of adverbs that can be used in sentences. Check them out. 

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Here we have also compiled a list of  99+ adverb examples sentences which will help you understand each adverb more clearly. Check out all the examples. 

Adverb of Time Examples Sentences 

This adverb refers to when an activity happened. It tells when an action is happening, will happen or happened. They are used to denote when an activity is taking place. 

Here are some commonly used adverbs of time that can be implemented in sentences. 

Here is a list of examples of adverbs of time. 

  1. I will be going to my cousin’s wedding tomorrow.
  2. I thought I would deep clean my house today.
  3. Make sure you remind him to take down the dried clothes later.
  4. The food we ordered will be here soon. 
  5. He came home late yesterday.
  6. Come and have dinner now. 
  7. We went to the pet clinic yesterday. 
  8. I go to school every morning.
  9. Sandy will go to Paris next month.
  10. My friends are going to watch a movie tomorrow.
  11. We will have to leave now.
  12. We first met Drake last year.
  13. Jane hasn’t seen him since 1988.
  14. I am going to study now.
  15. He will go home now.
  16. I will receive my clothes next month.
  17. They are watching the match right now.
  18. We played hockey last week.
  19. I will buy new clothes tomorrow.
  20. I will reach Pune in three hours.
  21. She left my house in the morning. 

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Adverb of Manner Examples Sentences

Adverbs of manner give us information about how an action is performed by the subject. Here is the list of adverbs of manner that are used in sentences. 

Take a look at the following examples of adverbs of manner to get an idea. 

  1. Reena deeply regretted the damage caused by her younger brother. 
  2. John’s father quietly left the room as he didn’t want to wake up the baby. 
  3. I can sing and dance simultaneously.
  4. She is walking slowly. 
  5. Diana used to speak boldly in front of the audience. 
  6. My grandfather smiled cheerfully.
  7. My cousin and I ran quickly to the bus stop. 
  8. Betty is waiting eagerly to see what gift she got. 
  9. We got here easily.
  10. Deepika was driving carelessly at night.
  11. Susan will happily give you a lift.
  12. Whatever you do, do it passionately.
  13. Hastily she ran into the bus.
  14. My colleague is laughing very loudly.
  15. The man ran quickly.
  16. She played well.
  17. He ate my lunch greedily.
  18. She furiously ran away from the grocery store.
  19. He is sitting patiently for his turn.
  20. The mango tree swayed softly in the wind.
  21. Ram ate his tiffin greedily. 

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Adverb of Place Examples Sentences

Adverbs of Place tell us where an event or action has taken place. They are usually placed after the main verb that they modify. These are the adverbs of place that can be used in sentences. 

Check out the example of adverbs of place for your understanding.

  1. What is she doing here?
  2. They have opened a shop nearby. 
  3. The baby girl is crawling towards her mother.
  4. I always carry an umbrella with me when I go outside in the sun.
  5. Selena has gone downstairs to collect the mail.
  6. Put your glass down. 
  7. I used to sleep in the attic during my college days.
  8. Recently, I have completed my graduation. 
  9. The toys are kept on the floor.
  10. Suzie is playing inside the house. 
  11. I am certain she will come here to jog.
  12. Come here.
  13. Put the books there, please. 
  14. Come in. 
  15. What are doing up there by yourself? 
  16. I have searched the entire house for my wallet. 
  17. I am going back to work. 
  18. Walk straight ahead until you reach the mango tree.
  19. Come in and sit down.
  20. Seema opened the box and looked inside. 
  21. I have been cooped up indoors all day. 

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Adverbs of Degree Examples Sentences

Degree adverbs are used to indicate the intensity or degree of something. These can be used before adjectives, adverbs or verbs. Check out the adverbs of degree that can be used. 

Here are some examples of adverbs of degree in sentences. 

  1. How far did you go to find my purse?
  2. The gown fits her perfectly well. 
  3. I’m a little tired of working six days a week.
  4. I could barely recognize him.
  5. The food was absolutely delicious.
  6. This exercise is much easier as compared to the previous one. 
  7. Their house is located opposite to ours. 
  8. The movie is quite scary.
  9. She’s barely 18 years old. 
  10. You have hardly done any work.
  11. This show used to be enormously popular. 
  12. I totally enjoyed the ride back to home. 
  13. Some vegetables are extremely toxic to eat. 
  14. The lunch was very delicious.
  15. The coffee was too hot for her. 
  16. She gets very angry.
  17. The bus has just left from the bus stop.
  18. The salad was absolutely wonderful.
  19. We played very badly.
  20. That was a completely stupid idea. 
  21. Susan sings fairly well. 

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Adverbs of Frequency Examples Sentences

Adverbs of frequency denote how often an action takes place. They define whether the adverb occurs in definite, happens sometimes, or indefinite times. Check out the list of adverbs of frequency that can be used in sentences. 

For more ideas, here are some sentences on adverbs of frequency. 

  1. I travel by metro daily. 
  2. Dan gets caught frequently. 
  3. That lady wears traditional clothes daily. 
  4. Harish hardly ever finds his socks. 
  5. Katie takes the bus daily. 
  6. By the end of the day, she was completely exhausted.
  7. They are extremely happy.
  8. He’s almost always late.
  9. I often go to the beach.
  10. I eat fish occasionally.
  11. I have been trying to solve the problem for a very long time.
  12. He mostly talks about tech and automobiles.
  13. She often uses her cell phone.
  14. Our family goes to Vaishno Devi once a year.
  15. He went to London many times.
  16. We generally go to the sea for our holidays.
  17. He usually feeds his cats cheap food.
  18. Married people sometimes wish they were single.
  19. He rarely makes any mistakes.
  20. I never forget anyone.
  21. Everyone always speaks of Susan. 

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How are adverbs used in sentences?

Adverbs are used in sentences to provide context by answering questions on how, what, where and when. They are used to modify verbs, adjectives and even adverbs.

How are adverbs formed?

Adverbs are formed by simply adding -ly to the adjectives.

What is the difference between an adverb and a verb?

A verb is used to express the action which is being done by the subject in the sentence. Whereas, an adverb is used to modify a verb or an adjective and ends with a -ly in the end.

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