Adverbs for Manner: Meaning, Definition, Examples, Exercises

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Adverbs for Manner:  Adverbs are words that help one understand how a particular action is performed. These words are quite common in the manner of how we use them and describe the events that take place. One should remember that adverbs for manner are used to make sentences more interesting as well as give readers a better understanding of what is being said and done. 

If you wish to learn more about adverbs for manner then you have come to the right place. In this blog, you will learn about what adverbs are for manner, how are they used in sentences, examples and much more. 

What is Adverbs for Manner

Adverbs for Manner show how someone does something or how something happens. They are really useful as they allow one to add a lot of extra details to descriptions. This is done to make something more interesting and dynamic to the listener or reader.

It answers the question “How?” about an action or state of being. 

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How to Create Adverbs for Manner

To create adverbs of manner, we usually begin by adding -ly to the adjective. Here are some examples.

  1. Quick- Quickly
  2. Gentle – Gently
  3. Careful – Carefully

When an adjective ends in -y, we change the -y and add to -ly. Here are some examples.

  1. Happy – Happily
  2. Easy – Easily
  3. Greedy – Greedily

There are also some irregular verbs. These include:

  1. Hard – Hard
  2. Good – Well
  3. Late – Late
  4. High – High
  5. Straight – Straight

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Where Does Adverbs for Manner Go in a Sentence

In most cases, adverbs of manner come after a sentence. 

  1. We dress casually on Thursday.
  2. Runners usually run very fast.
  3. The students are listening very carefully.

However, sometimes the adverb is put before the verb used to add emphasis to the meaning of the sentence.

  1. She quickly opened the present.
  2. His mother quickly ran up the stairs.
  3. Her parents sadly left before she arrived.

If there are two verbs in a sentence then the position of the adverb can change the meaning of the entire sentence. Here is an example.

  1. They accepted his offer and moved out immediately. 

Examples of Adverbs for Manner

Check out the list of examples of adverbs for manner. By going through the same you will get a fair idea about the same. 

He ran quicklyShe spoke softly
She plays the flute beautifullyPlease, drive the car slowly
She always keeps herself busyShe carefully opened the cupboard
My mother opened the door hurridlyAndrew is coughing loudly
Quietly, she crept into the roomHe is running very fast
She swims wellShe speaks very softly
She ate the chocolate cake greedilyHis father generously gave the money to his son. 

Adverbs for Manner Exercises

Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate adverb for manner. 

  1. We waited _______ for the car to arrive at our house. (Patiently/ Promptly/Punctually)
  2. I couldn’t listen to her because she was speaking too _______. (Silently/ Softly/ Gently)
  3. If you do something you don’t want to do, you do it _______. (Eagerly/Accidently/ Reluctantly)
  4. Which is the opposite of ‘slowly’? (Unslowly/Fast/Fastly)
  5. What is the opposite of ‘accidently’? (Deliberately/Carefully/Cautiously)
  6. The ballerina moved _________ as she danced. (Gracefully/Politely/Softly)


Why are adverb of manner important?

They help us by giving us a lot of details about the action and can help us make it much more expressive.

What are adverb for manner?

It is an adverb that shows how someone does something or how an action is done. It is used in day-to-day sentences.

How are adverb of manner formed?

Adverbs of manner can be formed using adjectives by simply using the suffix ‘-ly’

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