Adverb of Place: Meaning, Definition, Examples & More

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Adverb of Place

In English grammar, an adverb of place such as here or there tells the action of a verb which was carried out. They are also called place adverbial. Some common adverbs of place used are inside, left, right, near, outside, below, downward etc. If you wish to learn more about adverbs of place, then this is the best blog for you. 

What is Adverbs of Place?

Adverbs are when the meaning of the sentence is changed and tell us the location of the thing. Some people refer to these as spatial adverbs. No matter what these are called, these adverbs of place are responsible for answering one question: Where?

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List of Adverbs of Place

Look at the following list of adverbs of place which will help you use them in the sentences.

HereSomewhereMiles Apart
UnderNext DoorUnderground
ApartFar AwayForth

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Rules for Adverbs of Place

Here are the rules for adverbs of place that should be used when making sentences.

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Examples of Adverbs of Place

Here are some basic examples of adverbs of place which will help you.

  1. Peter is getting off the subway.
  2. The contractor is heading down the stairs
  3. Be careful – the truck is going downwards.
  4. All of us glanced upwards as the fighter planes took off.
  5. We have to travel southwards to reach the hallway.
  6. This year, we’d like to visit somewhere.
  7. Are you aware of any stamping shops out here?
  8. The basement is full of storage boxes and there is no space to keep anything else. 
  9. I can notice the kids running around downstairs.
  10. The connector is standing there, under the frame.

Adverbs of Place Exercises

Fill in the following blanks with the correct adverbs of place.

  1. Close the window when you go out _________.
  • Out
  • Here
  • Lightly
  • Westward
  1. The dog is hiding _______ the bed. 
  • Underneath
  • There
  • Somewhere
  • On
  1. When she saw me waiting, she ran _______ me.
  • Around
  • Towards
  • Forward
  • Through
  1. The ship sailed _________, encountering heavy weather along the way.
  • Backwards
  • Northwards
  • Down
  • Up
  1. Will you be starting your plants __________ or in a greenhouse?
  • Around
  • Outside
  • Home
  • Round

Check Your Answers

  1. Out
  2. Underneath
  3. Towards
  4. Northwards
  5. Outside

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What is an adverb of place with an example?

An adverb of place is when it answers the question: where?
Example: He put the book on the shelf above.
Susan is planning to find a new job abroad.

What are some of the common adverbs of place?

Some of the common adverbs of the place include across, above, down, everywhere and others.

Why are adverbs of place important?

They modify a verb to tell us where an action is taking place (location).

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