What is the Adverb of Bravely: Meaning, Synonyms, Picture & Examples

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In English grammar, the Adverb of Bravely or brave falls in the category of how an action is performed. In other words, the perfectly indicates that it falls in the category of where an action has been done bravely. Adverb of Bravely this action perfectly represents how an action has been performed. The word ‘bravely’ was first used in the late 1500s. In the blog, students will learn about synonyms of adverbs bravely, examples, exercise and much more.

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Adverb of Bravely is Comes in Which type?

As mentioned above, the adverb of bravely or Brave is an example of an Adverb of Manner. This adverb provides information on the type of action being performed or has occurred in the past. Adverb of Bravely So, when utilising the word ‘bravely’, you are referring to the Adverb of Manner.

For Example, A firefighter bravely rushed into a burning building to save people’s lives. 

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10+ Synonyms of Adverb of Bravely

Are you looking to expand your vocabulary in English by looking for more words for the adverb bravely? Here is the list of synonyms of bravely that you can use in place of this word. 

  • Courageously
  • Fearlessly
  • Dauntlessly
  • Heroically
  • Gallantly
  • Stalwartly
  • Audaciously
  • Hastily
  • Boldly
  • Gutsily
  • Recklessly
  • Valiantly
  • Intrepidly
  • Resolutely
  • Determinedly
  • Gamely

Picture for Adverb of Bravely

If you wish to note these synonyms of bravely as an adverb, you can anytime download this picture for future reference.

20+ Examples of Adverb of Bravely

To get a better understanding of the adverb of bravely, Here are some examples that students refer to: 

  • He bravely endured the pain.
  • He fought bravely for his country.
  • Convicted of treason, he meets his end bravely.
  • She smiled bravely as she waved him goodbye.
  • She bravely decided to speak against the injustice.
  • The firefighter bravely rushed into the burning building to save the trapped family.
  • Despite her fear, the young boy bravely confronted the bully.
  • The explorer ventured bravely into the uncharted territory.
  • The musician bravely performed her new song in front of a large audience.
  • The athlete bravely competed despite their injury.
  • The patient bravely fought their illness.
  • The child bravely faced their first day of school.
  • The animal bravely defended its territory.
  • The protester bravely spoke out against the injustice.
  • The witness bravely came forward with information.
  • The firefighter bravely endured the searing heat.
  • The lost hiker bravely navigated the wilderness.
  • The artist bravely presented their unconventional work.
  • The entrepreneur bravely launched their new business.
  • The scientist bravely challenged the established theory.
  • The volunteer bravely took on the difficult task.
  • The speaker bravely addressed the controversial topic.
  • The parent bravely navigated the challenges of raising a child.
  • The teacher bravely faced a disruptive student.
  • The writer bravely shared their personal story.

Quiz for Adverb of Bravely

Instruction: Choose the correct option and construct a meaningful sentence:

  1. The soldiers fought ________ and with honour.
  1. Shyly
  2. Gamely
  3. Bravely
  4. Cowardly

      2. He ________ faced a difficult math problem.

  1. Resolutely
  2. Boldly
  3. Fearlessly
  4. Intrepidly

Check Your Answers

  1. Bravely
  2. Boldly

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Do you think bravely is an adverb of degree?

Bravely is an adverb formed from an adjective.

Is bravery a verb or an adverb?

“Bravery”, as any dictionary would have told you in about twenty seconds, is a noun. David’s bravery was legendary. The corresponding adjective is “brave”.

What is a relative adverb of bravely?

The adverb of bravely’ changes the verb ‘ran’. If you want to tell the reader that her action was braver than another person in the maze, we add the word ‘more’ before the adverb ‘bravely’: Amit ran more bravely around the maze than Rahul.

This was all about the Averbs of Bravely with its numerous synonyms, examples, pictures and quizzes. I hope you understood the usage of the word. To read more antonym blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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