What is the Adverb of Bravely: Meaning, Synonyms, Picture & Examples

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The Adverb brave or bravely falls in the category of how an action is performed. In other words, the Adverb Bravely perfectly hints that it falls in the category of where an action has been done in a bravely manner. 

This action perfectly describes how an action has been done. The word ‘bravely’ was first used in the late 1500s. 

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Which Type of Adverb is Bravely?

As mentioned above, the adverb Brave or Bravely is an example of an Adverb of Manner. This adverb provides information on the type of action being performed or has occurred in the past. So, when using the word ‘bravely’, you are referring to the Adverb of Manner.

For Example, A firefighter bravely rushed into a burning building to save people’s lives. 

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10+ Synonyms of Adverb Bravely

Are you looking to expand your vocabulary in English by looking for more words for the adverb bravely? Here is the list of synonyms of bravely that you can use in place of this word. 

  • Courageously
  • Fearlessly
  • Dauntlessly
  • Heroically
  • Gallantly
  • Stalwartly
  • Audaciously
  • Hastily
  • Boldly
  • Gutsily
  • Recklessly
  • Valiantly
  • Intrepidly
  • Resolutely
  • Determinedly
  • Gamely

Picture for Adverb Bravely

If you wish to note these synonyms of bravely as an adverb, you can always download this picture for future reference.

Examples of Adverb Bravely

To get a better understanding of the adverb bravely, you can always refer to these example sentences. 

  • He bravely endured the pain.
  • He fought bravely for his country.
  • Convicted of treason, he meets his end bravely.
  • She smiled bravely as she waved him goodbye.
  • She bravely decided to speak against the injustice.

Adverb Quiz for Bravely

By now, you must have gained a proper knowledge of the adverb bravely, take the following quiz to test your knowledge.

  1. The soldiers fought ________ and with honour.
  1. Shyly
  2. Gamely
  3. Bravely
  4. Cowardly

      2. He ________ faced a difficult math problem.

  1. Resolutely
  2. Boldly
  3. Fearlessly
  4. Intrepidly

Check Your Answers

  1. Bravely
  2. Boldly

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