9+ Synonyms of Amazing, Meaning, Examples, Quizzes

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Synonyms of amazing include words like Astonishing, Incredible, Breathtaking, Remarkable, etc. In this blog, we have discussed about 9+ synonyms of feedback with their meaning and much more! 

9+ Synonyms of Amazing

Here are some popular synonyms for “amazing”:

  1. Astonishing
  2. Incredible
  3. Breathtaking
  4. Remarkable
  5. Astounding
  6. Sensational
  7. Extraordinary
  8. Marvelous
  9. Staggering
  10. Awe-inspiring

Meaning of Amazing

“Amazing” is an adjective used to describe something that is astonishing, causing a sense of wonder or admiration. It signifies an extraordinary or exceptional quality that exceeds expectations, leaving people in awe or delight. Something amazing is often beyond the ordinary, impressing and captivating individuals due to its remarkable or incredible nature. It’s a term commonly used to express a strong positive reaction to an experience, event, or object.

Synonyms of Amazing Usage With Examples

Following are the examples of synonyms of amazing:

  • Astonishing
    • The magician’s tricks were astonishing, leaving the audience in disbelief.
  • Incredible
    • The view from the mountaintop was incredible; it felt like being on another planet.
  • Breathtaking
    • The sunset over the ocean was truly breathtaking, with vibrant colors painting the sky.
  • Remarkable
    • Her ability to learn a new language so quickly was truly remarkable.
  • Astounding
    • The speed at which he completed the marathon was astounding; he broke all records.
  • Sensational
    • The chef’s culinary skills created a sensational dining experience.
  • Extraordinary
    • The scientist made an extraordinary breakthrough in the field of medicine.
  • Marvelous
    • The children’s laughter and joy on the playground were simply marvelous to witness.
  • Staggering
    • The cost of the luxury car was staggering, but the features were equally impressive.
  • Awe-inspiring
    • The ancient cathedral’s architecture was truly awe-inspiring.

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Antonyms and Opposite Words of Amazing

Here are some antonyms and opposite words for “amazing” in various contexts:

  • Ordinary
  • Mundane
  • Unremarkable
  • Average
  • Commonplace
  • Plain
  • Routine
  • Standard
  • Typical
  • Regular

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Synonyms of Amazing Quiz

Question 1: What is a synonym for “amazing”? A) Astonishing B) Common C) Boring D) Unremarkable

Answer: A) Astonishing

Question 2: Which word is a synonym for “amazing”? A) Unimpressive B) Dull C) Spectacular D) Ordinary

Answer: C) Spectacular

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This was all about the synonyms of amazing meanings and examples. Hope you understood the concept and where it’s used. For more such blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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