What is the Noun of Famous: Check Meanings, Synonyms & Examples

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Noun of Famous

The abstract noun of “famous” is “fame which refers to the reputation and public recognition that someone or something earns for being determined in their field or community. A few synonyms for fame are respect, popularity, greatness, star, acclaim and more. To gain more knowledge about the noun of ‘famous’ and how it can be used to enhance your English Grammar, then make sure you continue reading this blog post.

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What is the Type of Noun for Famous? – Meaning and Origin

Now that you are aware that the abstract noun of ‘famous’ is ‘fame’, it’s time you understand the clear meaning of this word to avoid confusion. Speaking of this word, it has two meanings where the most common one refers to the state of being known by many people, often due to achievements. Another one being, to the general public’s opinion of someone or something.

As for the origin, this word traces its roots back to the Latin word “fama.” “Fama” itself had a broader range of meanings than the English “fame.” This word meant “talk, rumour, report” but also encompassed “reputation, public opinion,” and even “renown” or “good reputation.”

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 7+ Synonyms of Fame

There are many different words you can use to describe this idea, each with a slightly different meaning. Using these synonyms can make your writing more amazing and impressive.


Explore more exciting synonyms below!

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Pictures of Noun of Famous: Synonyms of Fame

To find out more synonyms for ‘fame’, then we have put together a picture which will help you increase your English vocabulary. You can save and download this picture and keep it safe for future reference.

Noun of Famous

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Examples of Nouns of Famous in Sentences

These nouns help us understand who or what is well-known or celebrated in different contexts. Here look at a few examples of how these nouns are used in simple sentences to highlight their fame:

  • His sudden fame as a YouTube sensation brought him both recognition and unexpected challenges.
  • She became famous overnight after her viral dance video was shared by celebrities.
  • His culinary skills earned him fame among food critics and enthusiasts alike.
  • The Eiffel Tower in Paris is one of the most famous landmarks in the world.
  • The actor’s downfall from fame was swift after a series of scandals tainted their reputation.

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Noun Quiz

Instruction: Given below for testing your knowledge about the noun.

1. Leonardo da Vinci’s ______ as an artist continues to inspire years.

A) Fame

B) Famous

2. The singer’s ______ spread quickly after their hit song topped the charts.

A) Fame

B) Famous

Check Answers

1. A) Fame

2. A) Fame

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