Bury The Hatchet Meaning Examples and Synonyms

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Bury The Hatchet Meaning

The meaning of “bury the hatchet” is ending a quarrel or any conflict and becoming friendly. Sometimes there might be an argument among people and to end the argument, anyone can use “bury the hatchet” to stop the series of arguments.

The origin of this idiom was from the Native American warfare practices centuries back and since then it was observed to be used in other cities and countries as well. It was used in different states of the US like South Carolina, Nova Scotia and Montana.

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Usage With Examples

“Bury the Hatchet” is a very commonly used idiom by the speakers. There is no context that it cannot be used. People can use it with their friends, family in a casual and fun conversation. It can also be used in a professional space, where the speaker might be speaking to a higher authority and still prefer to use it.

Some of these common uses are:

  1. They were avoiding each other till now but they are on talking terms now. Maybe they have buried the hatchet.
  2. Did you see them? Maybe they have buried the hatched and moved on in life.
  3. Good that you two have buried the hatchet and made this amazing presentation together.

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Other than using it directly in a context, speakers can also some synonyms and related phrases to it:

  1. Make peace
  2. To make a fresh start
  3. To quell the anger
  4. To settle an argument
  5. Let bygones be bygones

Bury The Hatchet Meaning Quiz

Out of the following options, what is the correct meaning of “bury the hatchet”?

  • To make peace
  • To make it a big issue
  • To dig up the hatchet

The correct answer is “To make peace”

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This was all about the idiom bury the hatchet meaning and examples. I hope you understood the concept where it’s used. For more such blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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