Check 17+ ‘Unless’ Conjunction Examples with Meaning & Usage

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‘Unless’ as a conjunction suggests that something will only occur or hold true in the absence of particular circumstances. The word falls under subordinating Conjunction, a supporter of the main clause within sentences. For example, ‘She hasn’t got any hobbies unless you call watching TV a hobby.’ This blog provides you with various ways in which you can use ‘unless’ in sentences.

Meaning ‘Unless’ as a Conjunction

The word ‘unless’ introduces conditions and expectations of clauses that show differences to a specific condition. It can also be substituted with ‘if not’ in some clauses. Whenever there will be a usage of ‘unless’ as a conjunction, it will only be followed by a positive verb.

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Usage of ‘Unless’ Conjunction with Examples

The usage of ‘Unless’ is best suited for showing what are the exceptions or negative conditions like the ones mentioned below: 

Conditional Statements

  • We won’t go to the cafe unless you come with us.
  • “He won’t eat breakfast unless he finishes her task.”
  • She won’t buy the car unless it has good mileage.”

Negative Conditions

  • “He won’t be late unless there’s heavy traffic.”
  • “We won’t cancel the events unless it rains heavily.”
  • “He won’t leave the house unless the sun sets.”


  • “We’ll stay at home unless there’s an emergency.”
  • We’ll take the internship unless it requires him to relocate.”
  • I’ll proceed with the plan unless someone strongly agrees.

Implied Negative Condition

  • “We’ll play outside unless it rains.”
  • “She’ll visit her parents unless she’s feeling unwell”. 
  • “He’ll attend the conference unless he’s scheduled for another meeting”.

Future Outcome Dependent on Condition:

  • “We’ll have a picnic unless the weather forecast predicts thunderstorms”.
  • “I’ll invest in the new project unless the financial projections look unfavourable”.
  • “He’ll buy the ring unless it goes out of stock.”

Negative Implication in Hypothetical Situation:

  • “We would never have taken the job unless the salary was significant”
  • “He wouldn’t have travelled unless it was for an important business meeting.”
  • “She completes the assignment unless she falls ill.”

Expressing Unlikely Scenario:

  • “She’ll be there on time unless her alarm clock fails.”
  • “He’ll finish the project on schedule unless there are unforeseen circumstances.”
  • “He’ll complete the project unless there’s family emergencies.”

Direction Attention to Condition:

  • “He’ll join the Zumba classes unless his schedule becomes too busy.”
  • “She’ll participate in the Race unless he sustains an injury.”
  • “We’ll attend the meeting unless there’s a family emergency,”

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17+ ‘Unless’ Conjunction Examples

Here are some more examples of ‘unless’ conjunction examples within a sentence, you can overview to improve your knowledge of English grammar

  • We won’t drink unless We are hungry.
  • I won’t go to the beach unless the weather gets better.
  • She won’t buy a car unless she gets a raise.
  • He won’t hire you unless you have relevant experience.
  • They won’t leave for holiday unless the ticket arrives on time.
  • She won’t invest in the stock market unless she understands the risks.
  • He won’t join the club unless his friends are also members.
  • We won’t publish the article unless it meets the editorial standards.
  • They won’t adopt a dog unless they have enough space at home.
  • They won’t sign the contract unless the terms are favourable. 
  • She won’t attend the ball unless she’s invested.
  • We won’t take the job unless the salary is negotiable.
  • They won’t buy the house unless the price goes down.
  • She won’t go out for a run unless the weather is pleasant.
  • He won’t watch the series unless it receives good reviews.
  • We won’t start the project unless the car is serviced.
  • She won’t try the new cafe unless a friend recommends it.
  • They won’t upgrade his phone unless there’s a significant improvement in features.

‘Unless’ Conjunction Exercise

Instruction: Fill in the blanks with a meaningful sentence and transform it into a meaningful sentence.

  1. We won’t go to the party ____________
  1. If my friend goes with me.
  2. Unless my friend go with me.
  3. He won’t buy the dress _______________
  1. If it’s on sale
  2. Unless it’s on sale.
  3. They won’t start the meeting early _____________
  1. If everyone arrives on time.
  2. Unless everyone arrives on time
  3. She won’t take the job ________________
  1. If the salary is low.
  2. Unless the salary is low
  3. We won’t go to hike ______________
  1. If the weather is bad
  2. Unless the weather is bad
  3. He won’t go to the musical concert _____________
  1. If he gets a ticket
  2. Unless he gets tickets
  3. They won’t order pasta ________________
  1. If we have enough groceries
  2. Unless we have enough groceries
  3. She won’t swim in the lake ___________
  1. If the water is swim
  2. Unless the water is warm
  3. He won’t lend his novel ____________
  1. If you promise to return it.
  2. Unless you promise to return it.
  3. We won’t go to the holiday _____________
  1. If we save enough money
  2. Unless they save enough money. 


What are the 4 uses of ‘unless’ as a conjunction?

The Conjunction ‘Unless’ can be used in four different ways that are – conditional statements, negative conditions, implied negative conditions, expressing, and unlikely scenarios. 

What is ‘Unless’ as a Conjunction?

As mentioned above, ‘unless’ introduces conditions and expectations of clauses that show differences to a specific condition.

Give one example of ‘unless’ as a conjunction. 

They can’t go on a vacation ‘unless’ they have saved enough money.

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This was all about the ‘unless’ conjunction examples and their usage in English grammar. Hope you understand the concept and know how to proceed. You can also follow the Learn English page of Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs.

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