5+ Prepositions of Place Exercises for Beginners

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Prepositions of place is a preposition that is used to denote a place or a location where someone or something is located. There are mainly three types of prepositions in, on and at. Well, did you know that these prepositions can be added to your conversation about location? Check out all the prepositions of place exercises to help you check your knowledge about this topic. 

What are Prepositions? 

A preposition is a word or phrase which is placed in front of a noun, noun phrase or pronoun. They are used to show direction, time, place spatial relationship, location or to introduce an object. Some common examples of prepositions are ‘on’, ‘at’, ‘in’, ‘to’ and ‘of’

Prepositions are highly idiomatic. However, there are some set rules when using them in sentences. 

Prepositions of Place Exercises 1

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate prepositions of place in the following sentences.

  1. He sat _______ the classroom (at/in)
  2. The park is  _______ our house (between/beside)
  3. My soft toys are stored ________ the shelf (in/on)
  4. Andrew lives _______ the street. (across/on)
  5. Look at the birds _________ the tree. (in/on)
  6. My cat is sleeping ________ the bed. (under/beside)
  7. The pharmacy is ______ the bakery and the post office. (between/beside)
  8. Peter left his books  ________ the table. (in/on)
  9. The children are playing ________ the park. (in/on)
  10. The cat is hiding _______ the bed. (under/ behind)

Check Your Answers

  1. In
  2. Beside
  3. On
  4. Across
  5. On
  6. Under
  7. Between
  8. On
  9. In
  10. Under

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Prepositions of Place Exercises 2

Answer the following questions by incorporating prepositions of place in them.

  1. Where is your home located?
  2. Where do you keep your books?
  3. Where do your parents live?
  4. Where is your favourite cafe located?
  5. Where did you see that billboard with your photo on it?

Check Your Answers

  1. My office is located in the city centre.
  2. I keep my books on the kitchen table. 
  3. My parents live in the country.
  4. My favourite cafe is located right across the street.
  5. I saw that billboard with my photo on the highway.

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Prepositions of Place Exercises 3

Fill in the blanks with the correct prepositions.

  1. Andrew is swimming _____ the river.
  2. Where’s Maria? She’s ______ school.
  3. The rose plant is kept ______ the table.
  4. There’s a lizard _______ the bath.
  5. Please put those mangoes ________ the bowl.
  6. Rahul is _______ London for three weeks.
  7. I have two pockets _____ this bag.
  8. The dog is sitting _______ the chair.
  9. He hung the picture _______ the wall.
  10. Unfortunately, Mr. Brown is ________ hospital. 

Check Your Answers

  1. In
  2. At
  3. On
  4. In
  5. In
  6. In
  7. In
  8. On
  9. On
  10. At

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Prepositions of Place Exercises 4

Fill in the blanks with the correct preposition.

  1. You can keep your things _____ that chest of drawers.
  2. We are _______ the office already.
  3. I can see a little puppy _______ this box.
  4. Why is your cat lying ______ my bed?
  5. Why are you hiding _____ the room.
  6. Have you seen the notice ______ the board.
  7. Marie buys meat _____ the local store. 
  8. Your pen is ______ the floor. It might have fallen by mistake.
  9. I love to spend time _______ my cousin’s house.
  10. My friend is ______ the hospital.

Check Your Answers

  1. In
  2. At
  3. In
  4. On
  5. In
  6. On
  7. At
  8. On
  9. At
  10. At

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Prepositions of Place Exercises 5

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of prepositions of place. 

Preposition of Place Exercise

Check Your Answers

  1. Above
  2. Next to/Close to
  3. On
  4. In/Inside
  5. Under

Prepositions of Place Exercises 6

Exercise on Preposition of Place

Check Your Answers

  1. In
  2. Near
  3. On
  4. On
  5. On
  6. On

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What are the four prepositions of place?

The prepositions of place include: below, under, at, on, in, above and among.

What are prepositions of place?

The prepositions of Place include: below, under, at, on, in, above and among.

What are the two common examples of prepositions of location (place)?

1. My car is in the garage.
2. There is no roof on that house.

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