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Have you ever felt puzzled by phrases like ‘out of’, ‘up to’ when used in English vocabulary? Well, you are not the only one, especially if you are a grammar nazi! These are known as double prepositions, which can be a bit tricky to understand. However, the definition is very simple. They are made out of two prepositions consecutively in a sentence. They provide detail or precision to the relationship between the objects in the sentence. To know more, keep reading this blog to understand all about double prepositions.

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What is a Double Proposition?

As the name suggests, involves the use of two prepositions repeatedly in a sentence. Is this correct? Well, it is grammatically correct, and not only that, but it also provides additional details and accuracy to the relationship between the elements in a sentence. It combines two prepositional words in a sentence to connect pronouns, nouns and phrases. 


  • She walked up onto the stage, looking out into the audience with nervous anticipation.
  • The cat jumped from the shelf, softly landing onto the carpet below.
  • He reached out from behind the tree, grabbing onto the branch to steady himself.

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9+ Commonly Used Double Prepositions

Here is a list of commonly used double prepositions which are used in sentences:

  • Into
  • Onto
  • Upon
  • Up to
  • Out Of
  • Without
  • Within
  • Outside of
  • From behind
  • Because of
  • According to
  • From beneath
  • Next to

How to Form a Double Preposition

To form a double preposition, you can combine two prepositions side by side in a sentence or combine them to make a different word.

Here are some rules that you must keep in mind while forming a double preposition:

  • Choose two prepositions that convey a related relationship. Words like: “on,” “in,” “to,” “for,” “from,” etc.
  • Place these words together to create a double preposition, ensuring they maintain their identity while forming a new word.
  • Once the new word has been made, incorporate them in sentences appropriately to convey a specific spatial, temporal, or directional relationship between the elements.


  • The kitten is resting inside the cardboard box.

In this sentence, two words ‘in’ and ‘side; have been combined to make it into one preposition. 

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50 Examples of Double Prepositions

Check below the list of double prepositions of the following words which will help you in making sentences. 


She dove headfirst into the pool.The explorers ventured deeper into the cave.
He pushed the bookshelf back into the corner.The detective delved further into the mystery.
They walked hand in hand into the sunset.The plane soared high into the clouds.
The child jumped enthusiastically into the pile of leaves.She disappeared into the crowd without a trace.
The rabbit burrowed deep into the ground.The spacecraft launched smoothly into orbit.


The cat leapt onto the table.She placed the vase onto the shelf.
He climbed onto the roof to fix the antenna.The bird flew onto the branch.
They piled their clothes onto the bed.She stepped onto the platform to board the train.
He threw the ball onto the field.The spider crawled onto the ceiling.
The sun shone onto the water, creating a dazzling reflection.The chef carefully arranged the ingredients onto the pizza dough.


She stumbled down upon the slippery slope during the hike.The cat leapt up upon the table to chase a fly.
The key was hidden away upon the shelf in the old library.The stars twinkled brightly up upon the clear night sky.
He placed his hand gently upon her shoulder to offer comfort.The letter was found tucked away upon the desk in the study.
The painting hung proudly up upon the wall in the gallery.They stumbled upon the hidden treasure deep within the cave.
The moon cast its silvery light down upon the quiet village.She rested her head softly upon the pillow, drifting off to sleep.


She left the party without saying goodbye to anyone.He drove through the night without stopping for rest.
They completed the project without needing additional help from the team.The child wandered off without permission from their parents.
The team won the game without conceding a single goal to the opponents.She managed to finish the marathon without collapsing from exhaustion.
He went to bed without setting an alarm for the morning.They explored the forest without encountering any dangerous animals.
The student answered all the questions without referring to their notes.She navigated the city without getting lost thanks to the detailed map.


The treasure is hidden deep within the cave.”Her keys are lost somewhere within the house.
They found peace within themselves.The answer lies somewhere within these pages.
He felt a sense of belonging within the group.The truth remains concealed within the layers of deception.
She discovered her passion for painting within her teenage years.The solution to the problem is found within the data.
They found refuge within the walls of the monastery.His talent blossomed within the supportive environment of the theatre community.

Double Preposition Exercise 1 Rewrite Sentences

Rewrite the following sentences by adding appropriate double prepositions:

  1. She climbed the mountain.
  2. The cat jumped the fence.
  3. He walked the bridge.
  4. They swam the river.
  5. The bird flew the cage.
  6. She ran the field.
  7. The squirrel darted the tree.
  8. He crossed the road.
  9. They explored the forest.
  10. The boat sailed the lake.

Answers to Rewrite Sentences

  1. She climbed up the mountain.
  2. The cat jumped over the fence.
  3. He walked across the bridge.
  4. They swam across the river.
  5. The bird flew out of the cage.
  6. She ran across the field.
  7. The squirrel darted up the tree.
  8. He crossed over the road.
  9. They explored deep within the forest.
  10. The boat sailed across the lake.

Note: These are just sample sentences and can change depending on what double preposition you add. 

Double Preposition Exercise 2

Here’s an exercise where you can fill in the blanks with appropriate double prepositions:

  1. She stepped ________ the car and drove ________ the highway.
  2. The hikers climbed ________ the mountain and rested ________ the summit.
  3. The rabbit hopped ________ the garden fence and disappeared ________ the bushes.
  4. He reached ________ the shelf and grabbed ________ the book.
  5. The ball rolled ________ the table and fell ________ the floor.
  6. They walked ________ the forest and picnicked ________ the clearing.
  7. The squirrel scampered ________ the tree and perched ________ a branch.
  8. She leapt ________ the puddle and splashed ________ the water.
  9. The train travelled ________ the tunnel and emerged ________ the other side.
  10. They paddled ________ the lake and camped ________ the shore.
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What is a double preposition?

Double prepositions are made up of two simple prepositions that are used to indicate a specific relationship between two things. 

What are the four most common prepositions?

Some of the most common prepositions include of, in, on, for, with, at, from etc.

What is the difference between double prepositions and compound prepositions?

Double prepositions and compound prepositions are both similar. The similarity is, that both are two-word phrases. A double preposition is formed by the conjunction of two simple prepositions, while compound prepositions are formed through the conjunction of a non-prepositional word and a simple preposition.

This blog provides you with all the information about double prepositions. To advance your grammar knowledge and read more informative blogs, check out our Learn English page and don’t forget to follow Leverage Edu.

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