Rock the Boat Meaning, Examples, Synonyms

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Rock The Boat Meaning

The meaning of the idiom rock the boat is to make trouble. It means doing something that causes problems or upsets people. The idiom ‘rock the boat’ is attributed to American statesman, lawyer, and politician William Jennings Bryan, who famously said, “The man who rocks the boat ought to be stoned when he gets back on shore.” Bryan was clearly talking about people who caused problems in 1914.

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Usage with Examples

Mentioned below are the examples where you can use the idiom rock the boat:

  • We already have too much homework; let’s not rock the boat and get more!
  • Neha smirked because he knew his decision would rock the boat.
  • Don’t rock the boat until the negotiations are finished.

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Synonyms and Similar Words to Rock the Boat

Mentioned below are the synonyms and similar words to rock the boat:

  • Cause trouble
  • Disturb
  • Disagree
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Disturb the balance

Rock the Boat Meaning Quiz

It’s better not to rock the boat when starting a new job. What is the meaning of rock the boat here?

  • Do something that causes a problem
  • Shaking the boat
  • Get angry

Ans. Do something that causes a problem

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