Cut and Dried Idiom Meaning, Synonyms, Examples

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cut and dried idiom

The “cut and dried” idiom refers to something that has already been decided and is unlikely to be changed. Like when your mother decides that it is time for you to clean your room and take out the trash! It also means something that is simple and easy to understand. The phrase is generally used to describe a situation, an issue, a plan, or a rule that has no room for flexibility or uncertainty. 

Usage With Examples

The “cut and dried” idiom does not have clear origins, but some possible explanations are that it may refer to wood that has been cut to standard sizes and dried before it is used. It may also come from the practice of harvesting and drying herbs for culinary and medical purposes. Here’s how you can use this idiom in a sentence:

  1. The election results were not cut and dried, as there were many disputes and recounts.
  2. She likes to have everything cut and dried before she goes on a trip, so she makes detailed itineraries and packing lists.
  3. He thought the case was cut and dried, but the jury surprised him with a not-guilty verdict.

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Synonyms and Similar Phrases

Apart from the “cut and dried” idiom, there are other words and phrases that have the same meaning. Some of them are as follows:

  1. definite, decided, settled, explicit, specific.
  2. usual, normal, typical, routine, standard.
  3. formulaic, conventional, commonplace, ordinary, unoriginal.
  4. deliberate, intentional, planned, premeditated, willful.
  5. methodic, analytical, businesslike, by the book, by the numbers.

Cut and Dried Idiom Quiz

Choose the best option to complete the sentence:

The teacher gave us a _____ assignment that we had to finish by tomorrow.

A) cut and dried 

B) cut and paste 

C) cut and run 

D) cut and thrust

Answer: A) cut and dried

We hope that this blog helped you understand the meaning of “cut and dried” idiom along with its synonyms and its correct usage in a sentence. To explore more idioms like this, stay tuned to Leverage Edu. Happy Learning!

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