Prepositions of Spatial Relationship with Examples & Worksheet

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Prepositions of Spatial Relationship: Understanding this topic is very important as it helps you construct sentences from English grammar. For all those who don’t know, prepositions are used in everyday sentences which help in conversing with one another in a much better way. Prepositions of spatial relationship are words that describe us where something is about another thing. They allow us to describe the place or area of objects in space. In this blog, you will learn about prepositions of spatial relationships which will help you in making sentences in a much better way.

What are the Prepositions of Spatial Relationship?

A preposition of spatial relationship is a preposition which is used to denote where the subject of the sentence is. Prepositions of place are very similar to prepositions of spatial relationship and can often be the same word. It simply answers the question “WHERE?”

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Picture of Prepositions of Spatial Relationship

Some of the prepositions are part of the spatial relationship and can be used in sentences. Have a look.

Prepositions of Spatial Relationship

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Examples of Prepositions of Spatial Relationship

Here is a list of examples of prepositions of spatial prepositions that will give an idea of how they can be used. 

Preposition of Spatial Relationship Example
AcrossI went across the road to shop for the groceries.
BehindClose the door behind you.
BelowThe sun disappeared below the horizon. 
BeneathWe had a picnic beneath that huge tree.
BetweenHe is standing between his mother and father.
InMy father is working in his room.
In front ofShe sat in her room in front of her dressing table.
UnderWhen did you see him last go under?
WithinChange must come from within.
Ahead ofShe got ahead of me.

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Prepositions of Spatial Relationship Worksheet (Download PDF)

Fill in the blanks with the correct option from the given options. 

  1. The train won’t arrive _______ 10 o’clock. (since/before)
  2. I met her when I was _______ college. (on/in)
  3. The boss is _______ her office. (on/at)
  4. The bird landed _________ the tree branch. (at/on)
  5. The park is ________ my house. (after/next to)
  6. He peered _______ the telescope. (in/through)
  7. The country is ________ peace. (at/in)
  8. The dog is hiding _______ the couch. (over/under)
  9. Marth Luther King Jr. was born _______ 15th January. (in/on)
  10. I will finish my assignment ________ Monday. (by/till)

Check Your Answers:

  1. Before
  2. In
  3. At
  4. On
  5. Next to
  6. Through
  7. At
  8. Under
  9. On
  10. By

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What are some of the examples of prepositions on spatial relationships?

Here are some examples of prepositions in spatial relationships.
Examples: 1. The ball is kept behind the chair.
2. The dog is hiding under the chair.
3. She is leaning against the tree.

What is the preposition of spatial relationship?

A preposition of spatial relationship refers to when an object is located in space about some reference object.

What are the types of prepositions of spatial relationships?

The preposition of relationship are of various types. These include: in front of, to the left, to the right, behind something, opposite to something and many more.

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