Adjective Preposition: Definition, Examples & Exercises

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Adjective preposition is used in everyday sentences. One needs to master this to use them correctly in English grammar. There is no hard and fast rule for learning them. The only way to learn them is to treat them as a ‘fixed combination’ and make a record of the same as and when we move ahead. 

So, if you wish to know more about adjective prepositions, then you have come to the right place. In this blog, you will learn about what adjective prepositions are, what are they and how you can use them in sentences. 

What is An Adjective Prepositional Phrase?

An adjective prepositional phrase is a phrase that contains both – an adjective and a preposition. It modifies both nouns and verbs in a sentence. The adjective in the sentence describes an attribute or a quality of the noun or verb. While the preposition connects the adjective to the noun or a verb.

For example: “The kitten is sitting under the table.” 

Here the prepositional phrase “under the table” is an adjective prepositional phrase. It describes the location of the kitten.

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List of Adjective + Prepositions 

Here is a list of adjectives where prepositions are used along with them. 

Addicted toKind to
Married toCapable of
Clever atPleased with
Responsible forSimilar to
Used toSatisfied with

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Adjective Prepositional Phrase Examples

Here is the list of adjective prepositional phrase examples which will help you further with the understanding.

  • The man with the car.
  • The cake is outside the bakery.
  • The cat above the table.
  • The dog around the corner
  • The ice cream on the table.
  • The book is on the front desk.
  • The tree beside the house.

Adjective Preposition Examples

Here is the list of examples of adjective prepositional which will help you understand them. Check out.

  1. The boys on the road are playing football.
  2. The girl on the eve of her exam is preparing for her lesson.
  3. The stars in the sky are shining brightly at night.
  4. The girl by force was admitted to a college.
  5. She for a reason was absent from school.
  6. The train through the tunnel is running for Paris.
  7. He within a month will return from Africa.
  8. The pen on the table was gifted to me.
  9. She is in danger and is trying to get out of it.
  10. The boy near his friend is a student. 


What is an example of prepositions with adjectives?

She is standing in a red dress. Here, ‘red’ is a prepositive adjective.

Can a preposition come after an adjective?

A preposition is a word or a group of words that are sometimes used after nouns, adjectives and verbs.

Can an adjective phrase start with a preposition?

Most adjectival and adverbial are prepositional phrases. An adjectival phrase must be placed immediately before or after the noun it modifies. 

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