9+ Above Preposition Examples with Meaning & Usage

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Above Preposition Examples

Above Preposition Examples: Prepositions are part of speech which is a great way to incorporate them in English vocabulary. With the help of prepositions, the sentences used in writing are formed correctly. The above preposition is used in sentences to indicate if the object is in physical position, measurement or level, rank or order, authority or control. If you wish to know more about above preposition examples then this is the blog for you. 

What is Above Preposition?               

The preposition “above” is used to indicate a spatial or metaphorical relationship where one thing is positioned at a higher level than another. As a preposition, this word has several meanings as well as uses. In literal terms, it means when an object is above something.

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Common Above Preposition Examples

Here are some “above” preposition examples which will help you with a much better understanding. 

  1. The birds flew above the clouds.
  2. Please hang the picture above the fireplace.
  3. The temperature is above freezing today.
  4. His intelligence is above average.
  5. The helicopter hovered above the ground.
  6. The moon shines brightly above the horizon.
  7. The cat climbed up above the roof.
  8. The plane soared high above the city.
  9. The kite soared above the trees.
  10. The stars twinkled above us in the night sky.

Quiz on Above Preposition Examples for School Students

Instructions: Read each question carefully and choose the best answer.

Part A: MCQs

Q1. In the sentence “The birds soared _ the clouds,” which word best replaces the blank?

a) below

b) under

c) above

d) beneath

Q2. Look at the sentence “The temperature today is _ 20 degrees Celsius.” Which word cannot be used in the blank?

a) below

b) under

c) exceeding

d) above

Q3. Find the sentence that uses “above” correctly.

a) She hid the book under the rug.

b) My favorite painting hangs beside the window.

c) The hot air balloon floated above the trees.

d) Please put the milk inside the fridge.

Q4. The phrase “above average” means:

a) lower than usual

b) the same as usual

c) higher than usual

d) a bit strange

Q5. If someone says they value honesty “above all else,” it means:

a) they don’t care about honesty

b) honesty is one of their top priorities

c) they only tell the truth sometimes

d) they are very forgetful

Q6. Look at the sentence “The pilot announced we were flying above 30,000 feet.” What does “above” indicate here?

a) direction

b) importance

c) quantity

d) height


1. (c)

2. (d)

3. (c)

4. (c)

5. (b)

6. (d)

Part B: Fill in the blanks

Complete the sentences with the appropriate form of “above” (above, beyond, above all):

1. She went __________ and called her friend even though it was late. 

2. The swimmer aimed to stay __________ the waterline during the race. 

3. I care __________ winning about having fun while playing the game. 


1. above and beyond

2. above

3. Above all

Part C: Do It Yourself

Sentence Writing:

Q1. Write a sentence where “above” refers to physical location.

Q2. Write a sentence where “above” refers to being greater than something in amount or number.

Q3. Write a sentence where “above” is used in a phrase (e.g., above suspicion, above average).

Challenge Round:

Q1. Can you find synonyms for “above” in the following sentences? (consider words like higher than, surpassing, exceeding):

  1. The professor’s expectations were above what we could achieve.
  2. The building rose far above the surrounding houses.

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Source: English with Rani Ma’am


Q1. What type of preposition is above?

Ans: The word ‘above’ comes under the preposition of place. It is used to represent when something/someone is in a higher position.

Q2. What is an example of above?

Ans: An example of ‘above’ would be: The bird flew ‘above’ his head.

Q3. What is a preposition?

Ans: A preposition is a word or group of words used before a noun, pronoun, or noun phrase to show direction, time, place, location etc.

Q4. What are some synonyms for “above”?

Ans: Here are a few examples:
* Location: higher than, over, beyond
* Amount/Number: exceeding, surpassing, more than
* Importance:  prior to, before, above all else

Q5. Can “above” be used with time?

Ans: Generally, “above” is not used with time. However, in informal contexts, you might see phrases like “above an hour” to indicate a duration exceeding an hour.

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