Appropriate Prepositions Meaning, Examples and Exercises for Practise

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Prepositions are words used to link nouns, verbs, pronouns or phrases within sentences. They are mainly used to connect people, locations, and objects of a sentence. On the other hand, Appropriate Prepositions are some of the most common combinations of words, such as acceptable to, adapt to, accepted to, absorbed in, acquitted of etc. The specific usage of these prepositions is known as appropriate prepositions. Continue reading more about these prepositions in the blog post below. 

What are Appropriate Prepositions?

As discussed above, some common combinations of prepositions are followed by verbs, nouns, adjectives etc. Some examples of prepositions are Adapt to, Aware of, Believe in, Allotted to etc. Moreover, these are used with the same words to express meanings. It is specified which prepositions are used to express different means and situations of the same word henceforth to avoid any errors or confusion. 

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Examples of Appropriate Prepositions

Some common examples of appropriate prepositions are listed below: 

Absorbed In

Example: She is completely absorbed in dance.

Abstain From 

Example: One must abstain from smoking and drinking. 

Adapt to

Example: One must adapt to changing their clothes regularly.

Admit to

Example: She was admitted to the hospital. 

Allotted to

Example: The work has been allotted to her for this week. 

Amazed at

Example: I was amazed at the way she was dancing. 

Backward in

Example: She is rather backward in her syllabus. 

Exercises for Appropriate Prepositions

Complete fill-in-the-blanks using appropriate prepositions: 

  1. She couldn’t ________ the mistake and finally confessed to her error.
  2. The new employee had to quickly ________ the company’s work culture.
  3. Despite the challenges, they were able to ________ the changes and thrive in the new environment.
  4. The jury unanimously declared the defendant ________ all charges after a thorough trial.
  5. It is crucial to ________ unhealthy habits to maintain a balanced lifestyle.
  6. The manager was ________ the dedication and hard work of her team during the project presentation.
  7. The project timeline was carefully ________ ensure that each task was completed on schedule.
  8. The restaurant’s menu ________ a variety of dishes to suit different tastes.
  9. Students are encouraged to ________ cheating in exams and uphold academic integrity.
  10. The proposal was ________ after considering all the factors and opinions from the team.

Answers to the above questions: 

  1. Admit to
  2. Adapt to
  3. Adapt to
  4. Acquitted of
  5. Abstain from
  6. Amazed at
  7. Allotted to 
  8. Boasts of
  9. Abstain from
  10. Acceptable to 

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What is an example of a preposition?

Some common examples of ” “beside,” “between,” “from,” “in front of,” “inside,” “near,” “off,” “out of,” “through,” “toward,” “under,” and “within.

What is a prepositional phrase?

A prepositional phrase consists of a preposition, its object (a noun or pronoun), and any modifiers. It functions as an adverb or adjective, providing additional information about a noun, verb, adjective, or adverb.

Can a sentence have multiple prepositions?

Yes, a sentence can have multiple prepositions. Each preposition typically relates to a specific element in the sentence, providing more details about the relationships between the words.

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