Pick and Choose Idiom Meaning, Usage With Examples

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Pick and choose idiom

The ‘Pick and choose’ idiom means to select only the most favourable things or items, things which are convenient and bring benefits. When someone says to pick and choose, it means they are checking options which are advantageous, and ignoring the options which are not beneficial or less advantageous.

This phrase is used to describe a person who is very selective and choosy in making choices or decisions, often to the detriment of others or the overall conditions.

Usage With Example

The phrase ‘pick and choose’ can be in various aspects of life. Consider this example, ‘She is known for her pick-and-choose decisions when it comes to shopping.’ In this sentence, the person is known for her selective decision-making whenever she is out shopping.

Here are some more examples of this phrase which you can consider.

  • ‘As a father, he can’t just pick and choose the moments when he wants to be supportive of his children. He must understand their needs and fulfil his duty as a father.’
  • ‘His professor encouraged the entire class to engage with different reading materials instead of just picking and choosing common topics.’
  • ‘Instead of just picking and choosing individual stuff from the menu, the chef offered a tasty dish and served it nicely.’
  • ‘Everyone must contribute their fair share for a successful collaboration instead of picking and choosing the tasks they find easiest.’

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Pick and Choose Synonyms

The idiom ‘pick and choose’ has a lot of similar words and synonyms that can be used in different situations. Here are some of the popular terms similar to this phrase.

  • Being choosey
  • Being Selective
  • Handpick
  • Cherry-pick

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Pick and Choose Idiom Quiz

The audience was not able to pick and choose which movies they must watch because

  1. There were so many options available
  2. The movie theatre was closed
  3. There were no movies worth watching

Ans. There were so many options available.

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This was all about the pick-and-choose idiom meaning with examples. Hope you understood the concept where it’s used. For more such blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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