Use of For Preposition with Examples & Practise Worksheet

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Usage of For Preposition

Use of For Preposition: There are a lot of prepositions that can be used in part of speech. There are many types of prepositions which are a part of the English language. In this blog, you will read about the use of for preposition and how they can be used. Continue reading this blog to learn more about prepositions. 

What is a Preposition?

A preposition is a small word – which is usually used to link pronouns, nouns or phrases to other words in a sentence. They act as connecting words which could be people, time, objects and locations in a sentence. 

Here are a few examples of prepositions that are used:

  • The cat sitting on the table is called Jacky.
  • Our truck is stuck in the traffic.
  • The meeting is on Monday.
  • The bell will ring at noon.

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Types of Prepositions

There are three main types of prepositions, these include Prepositions of time, place, and movement and direction. 

Preposition of Time

The prepositions of time show the various aspects of time. This could include days or months.

Preposition of Place

This is where the various types of objects are kept in different places. It could be that the object is placed beside or in front of something.

Preposition of Movement

It shows the movement/direction from one place to another.

List of Prepositions

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List of Examples of Prepositions

To understand more about prepositions with numerous examples, have a look at the table given below: 

TimeAt. in, on, before, after, during, sinceWith, without, according to, like
MannerWe are celebrating her birthday. The flight is delayed due to bad weather.I wrote the letter with a pen. * She went to school without breakfast. 
PlaceBelow, behind, near, under, besideMy house is behind the school. My brother sits next to me in class.
DirectionOut of, into, down, from, to, through, up, downClimb up the stairs. We drove across the bridge. 
ReasonBecause, due to, forWe are celebrating for her birthday. The flight is delayed due to bad weather.

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Usage of For in Preposition

The prepositions are used to express the duration of an action. Here are some sentences for a better understanding. It will give you an idea about use of for preposition

I’ve lived here for 10 months.
He had been waiting for her for 4 years.
Preposition ‘for’We haven’t seen each for quite a long time.
Janie will live in London for 9 months.
She has known him for 7 years.

Exercise of Preposition ‘For’

Here is a small exercise on the use of prepositions that will help you test your knowledge. Select the correct prepositions in the following sentences.

  • She was absent ________ (for/to) a long period. 
  • James cooked a beautiful cake _______ (to/for) his mother.
  • Can you send Peter’s telephone number _______ (to/for) my friend Marie?
  • Can you please cut some bread ______ (to/for) my sister, asked Rohan.
  • He kept some leftovers ______ (for/to) the beggar.

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What is a preposition?

A preposition is a word which goes by words such as ‘by’, ‘for’, ‘into’, ‘with’ etc.

What comes after a preposition?

Prepositions are most commonly followed by a noun or a pronoun.

Do all sentences need a preposition?

Most of the sentences already need a preposition. However, prepositions are not required for full complete sentences. 

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