35+ Best Closing Phrases for English Writing You Should Learn

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Closing Phrases: Have you ever written an essay or a letter that ends abruptly, leaving the reader unsure of your point as an English language student? This may happen when you know what to write but need more than a good concluding line. After all, strong closing phrases are not just a key to bind your final sentences together, but also a means for demonstrating your writing skill in any English exams of school students. 

While we are at it, this blog will be your guiding light in finding some of the best phrases for concluding paragraphs you wish to find sooner for mastering the art of closure in the writing section of your English syllabus

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Why are Closing Phrases Important in English?

English phrases are one of the most underrated yet impactful elements of grammar. However, students often tend to forget this while being in the rat race to obtain good academic results. If you pay attention to the wonders of phrases even once; it will be fruitful for improving your English in your student life as well as your professional career. Here are some notable benefits of adding a few closing phrases in your writing:

  • It leaves a lasting impression on your reader.
  • It ensures you do not end your essay abruptly, leaving them unsure of your point.
  • A right phrasal sentence can elevate your writing from good to great.
  • Thought-provoking closing questions can leave the reader pondering the broader implications of your topic.
  • It also acts as a signal to the reader that your written piece has reached a satisfying conclusion. 

List of Closing Phrases in English Writing for Students 

Now let us take a look at some highly effective closing phrases you can start using as a student to elevate your English marks. 

List of Closing Phrases in English Writing for Students 

11+ Closing Phrases for Letter Writing

Here are some phrases examples according to the situation you can use while writing a formal or informal letter to the editor, keens and friends, respectively.

Formal Letter Phrases Examples with Usage

S.No.UsageClosing Phrase Examples
1.Letter to Editor, teacher, official, etc.Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely,
2.Requesting information or actionI appreciate your time and look forward to your response. Yours sincerely,
3.Expressing gratitude Thank you once again for your understanding. Respectfully yours,
4.Anticipation for future interaction I eagerly await your reply and the opportunity to discuss this further.
5.For appreciationPlease accept my sincere thanks for your [help/support/advice]. With gratitude,
6. Addressing someone in a position of authorityThank you for your attention to this matter. Respectfully yours,

Informal Letter Phrases Examples with Usage

S.No.UsageClosing Phrase Examples
1.Friends or familyThanks again! Talk to you soon. Best,
2.Close friendsCatch you later! Lots of love,
3.Long-distance friends or partnerWrite back soon! Missing you,
4.Anticipation for future interaction I eagerly await your reply and the opportunity to discuss this further.
5.Inviting someone to an event/expressing well-wishesHope to see you soon! Take care,
6. Casual communicationDon’t hesitate to write back if you have any questions. All the best,

10 Best Closing Phrases for Speech Writing

When it comes to speech writing, you should stick to semi-formal or informal phrases for the conclusion, depending on the topic you are provided with. Some of the useful phrases you can pick from here are as follows:

1.Call to actionLet’s all work together to make a difference in this world.
2.Memorable QuoteAs Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Let’s empower ourselves through knowledge.
3.Open Ended QuestionWhat kind of future will you choose to create?
4.Summary and ImpactBy [summarize key point], we can achieve a brighter tomorrow.
5.Thank you and AppreciationThank you for your time and consideration. Together, we can make a positive change.
6. Challenge and EncourangementThe challenges we face are significant, but I believe in each and every one of you. Let’s rise to the occasion!
7.Leave them hopefulA brighter future is within our reach. Let’s start today.
8.Figurative LanguageJust like a seed planted in fertile ground, our efforts today will blossom into a better tomorrow.
9.Personal ConnectionThis issue is close to my heart, and I urge you to join me in making a difference.
10Reiteration of ThesisIn conclusion, [reiterate your main point]. Let’s take action and make it happen!

Conclusion Phrases for Article and Essay Writing

Unlike speech writing, essay and article writing follow a formal sentence structure. So, while summarizing their final content body, it is a pre-requirement to use only formal phrases like the one mentioned below: 

  • In conclusion, [summarise key point]. This highlights the importance of [explain significance] for a better future.
  • With continued research and exploration in this field, we can unlock the potential for [mention future possibilities].
  • “[Pose a thought-provoking question related to the topic].” This question encourages further discussion and critical thinking.
  • Let us all strive to…
  • As [famous figure] once said, ‘[quote relevant to the topic]’.
  • Ultimately, [state a final thought or observation related to the topic].
  • [Use a metaphor or simile related to the topic] serves as a reminder of…
  • This topic resonates deeply with me because [explain a personal connection to the subject]. It is a reminder of [emphasise a key takeaway].
  • While challenges remain in [mention a challenge related to the topic], there is reason for optimism. By…, we can overcome these hurdles and achieve [desired outcome].
  • The future of [topic] holds immense promise. By embracing [encourage an approach], we can create a more [desired outcome].

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This was all about closing phrases with examples and related information. Hope you understand the concept and know how to proceed. You can also follow the Learn English page of Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs related to grammar

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