Top 10 YouTube Channels for Learning English You Can Follow

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Top 10 YouTube channels for learning English: YouTube, a platform which has grown immensely over time is also now the best place for learning English. Imagine being able to watch expert videos, and learn at the same time and that too for free. Well, YouTube has it all, even better, you can watch videos with subtitles. If you are also a grammar nazi and are looking for a list of YouTube channels providing English grammar resources, then this is the blog for you. Keep reading to get all the information on how to learn English through videos. 

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List of Top 10 YouTube Channels for Learning English You Must Visit

Wondering how to start your English language learning journey? For starters, one needs to visit the best online learning platforms to get proper help in improving their English. Take a look at some of the best YouTube channels which will help you start your English learning journey.

EnglishClass101Espresso English
FluentU EnglishVOA Learning English
Business English PodShaw English Online
Real EnglishEasy English
LearnzingOxford English Now

5 Best YouTube Channels for Learning English as Beginners

If you are a beginner and want to begin your English language learning journey, then you have come to the right place. Take a look at some of the best YouTube channels which will be highly beneficial for beginners. 

British Council | LearnEnglish Kids

This YouTube channel is great for both children and adults who are looking to enhance their English language skills. This content offered on the LearnEnglish Kids will benefit everyone. On this channel, there are several ‘how to’ and ‘word of the week’ videos that can be viewed and heard by anyone from around the world. 

BBC Learning English

This YouTube channel has been created by the world’s most famous broadcasting company, the BBC. Upon visiting this channel, one will be able to learn basic English topics such as pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and other types of skills. Additionally, this channel also covers other important topics related to British culture and current events with a collection of short videos. 

Pronunciation Pro

Another popular English YouTube channel hosted by Annie Ruden who is known for English pronunciation and fluency to her audience. This English teaching channel focuses mainly on pronunciation and other types of conversational skills. This channel is highly recommended for beginners wanting to begin their English language learning. 


Want to begin a language learning journey for your child? Worry not as KidsTV123 has got you covered. It is the best channel to visit as it has a great collection of ABC-related songs. Many of the videos focus on language elements which kids would study in their school. The channel has simple videos with interactive and clear animation. 

Shaw English Online

Another popular English learning YouTube channel, Shaw English Online teaches beginners basic skills like pronunciation, vocabulary and other grammar-related skills in a fun way. It has hundreds of videos featuring different speakers uniquely explaining topics and exposing students to a variety of voices. 

YouTube Channels for English Intermediate Students

If you are at the intermediate level of learning English, then here are some of the best YouTube channels that you must look into. 

Oxford English Now

Oxford English Now is a popular YouTube channel which boasts teaching English in a much easier way to students. On this channel, one will find videos related to English grammar, verbs, pronouns, tenses, etc. This channel even has a specific playlist for students preparing for IELTS or Cambridge English exam. 

Lingua Marina

From pronunciation to other grammar-related video, you will find it all at this YouTube channel. This channel is different from other channels as it offers a relaxed teaching approach to learning English. Students can also find other videos related to IELTS and TOEFL exams. 

YouTube Channels for Advanced Learners

Advanced-level English learners must view these channels to upgrade their English from advanced to business English that is used at corporate places. 

National Geographic

With over 20 million subscribers, this channel has been rapidly growing ever since. It is a major resource for news, science, nature, exploration and adventure. The video content featured on this channel is educational, content is told in a story-related format inspiring people. But how is this related to English? Well, the narrators and interviewers are from all around the world and speak in English. This helps the people listening to improve their language learning skills. 


This YouTube channel has a unique approach to teaching English idioms and slang using short and interactive clips. If you are looking for a channel to learn words and expressions which you can later use in your conversation or writing, this is the channel for you. 

Leverage Edu YouTube Channel for English Language

Last but not least, you can also find interestingly informative videos on the English language, not just for the sake of learning, but to clear English language proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and Duolingo. 

All About AntonymsParts of Speech
Learn About PhrasesRead Blogs on Proverbs
Blogs on PunctuationSynonyms Blogs


Q1. Which are some of the best YouTube channels to learn English?

YouTube channels such as EnglishClass101, Jennifer ESL, VOA Learning English, and BBC Learn English are considered to be the best YouTube channels for learning English.

Q2. Can one learn English through YouTube?

Yes, one can learn English with the help of YouTube that too in a fun and interactive way. However, this can only be done by choosing the right videos. 

Q3. Which is the most famous English YouTube channel?

YouTube channels like Peppa Pig, and NoCopyrightSounds are some of the most popular YouTube channels in the UK. 

We hope this blog has provided you with all the necessary information on the top 10 YouTube channels for learning English. To advance your grammar knowledge and read more informative blogs, check out our Learn English page and don’t forget to follow Leverage Edu.

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