Correlative Conjunctions Examples & Exercises (Download PDF)

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Correlative Conjunctions Examples: Correlative Conjunction is a foremost important component of English Grammar, aiding in connecting words, clauses, and phrases, within a sentence. Conjunctions help in forming sentences, they work together in pairs, to highlight the idea of a particular sentence. Some Correlative Conjunctions are as follows: Either..or, Neither….nor, Not only, but also, etc. Continue reading the blog article below to learn more about correlative conjunctions examples. 

Examples of Correlative Conjunctions

Here are a few correlative conjunctions examples for your reference: 

  • Either…or
  • Neither…nor
  • Not only…. But also
  • Whether….or
  • No sooner…than
  • Rather…than
  • Both…and
Correlative Conjunctions

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19+ Sentence Examples of Correlative Conjunctions

Below are some examples of Corelative Conjunctions.

  1. Both my sister and I enjoy walking.
  2. Either you study hard or you’ll fail the exam.
  3. Neither that dog nor the cat liked the new food.
  4. Not only did she apologize, but she also offered to help.
  5. Whether she likes it or not, she has to go to the dentist.
  6.  As fast as he ran, he couldn’t catch up with the bus.
  7. So delicious is the pizza that she ordered it again.
  8. Both the students and teachers were excited about the trip.
  9. Either we go to the pool today, or we wait until tomorrow.
  10. Neither the coffee not the soup was hot enough for me.
  11. Not only was it raining, but it was also thundering.
  12. Whether she believes it or not, climate change is real.
  13. As brave as she was, she couldn’t face her fear of heights.
  14. So tired were they that they fell asleep immediately.
  15. Both the movie and the books were disappointing.
  16. Either you finish your homework or else the teacher will scold you.
  17. Neither the phone nor the laptop was charged.
  18. Not only did she forget her keys, but she also looked herself out.
  19. Whether it’s sunny or cloudy, I’ll still go for a run.
  20. As cold as it is outside, I’m still going for a walk.
  21. So loud as it is outside, I’m still going for a walk.

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Exercise on Correlative Conjunctions

Circle the appropriate correlative conjunction in the sentences below

  1. Either you or Amit should make sure to attend the conference.
  2. Not only did you find the solution to the problem but also helped his friends understand it as well.
  3. Both Ria and Aditya attended the CTET Classes.
  4. He’d rather watch a series than watch a movie.
  5. Amisha did not know whether she should take science or maths as the allied paper.


  1. Either, or
  2. Not only
  3. But also
  4. Both, and
  5. Rather, than
  6. Whether, or

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What are correlative conjunctions?

Correlative conjunctions are the conjunctions that are paired together, they are to make a connection and provide equal importance to the point that is discussed in the sentences.

What are the often-used correlative conjunctions?

Often used correlative conjunctions are: Both..and
Not only…but also

Can you provide examples of how to use correlative conjunctions in sentences?

Here are some examples: Both Tom and Jerry went to the party. Either we go to the beach or we stay indoors.

This was all about the Correlative Conjunctions Examples and usage in English grammar. Hope you understand the concept and know how to proceed. You can also follow Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs.

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