7+ Antonyms of Intelligent With Meanings and Examples 

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Some common antonyms of the word intelligent are stupid, dumb, and foolish. The term intelligent denotes the ability to learn and understand things easily. Let us know more about the word intelligent its meaning, origin, antonyms, and its usage with examples in this blog article.

Origin and Meaning of The Word Intelligent

The word intelligent originated in the early 16th century from the Old French word “intelligere” which means to “understand” and denotes someone’s ability to understand things easily.

The meaning of the word intelligent can be understood in different ways:

  • To describe a person with quick cognitive capacity or bright
  • Ability to have thoughtful interaction
  • Possess ability of well-thought and well-considered

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7+ Opposites of Intelligent

Let’s take a look at the following opposites of intelligent to expand your understanding of the word:

  • Stupid                                             
  • Dumb
  • Foolish
  • Ignorant
  • Uneducated
  • Witless
  • Illiterate

Antonyms of Intelligent Examples With Usage 

The term intelligent is often objective and can vary depending on the context and perspective of the speaker.

Let us understand the following examples of using the antonyms of intelligent in a sentence:

  • Stupid: He always asks stupid questions.
  • Dumb: When will you stop doing dumb things?
  • Foolish: I could not accept your foolish mistake.
  • Ignorant: I am ignorant of the rules of football.
  • Uneducated: Uneducated people lack formal education.
  • Witless: Rahul committed a witless blunder.
  • Illiterate: Her parents are illiterate.

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Antonyms of Intelligent Quiz 

1. Select the most appropriate antonym for the word intelligent.

A Brilliant

B Quick-witted

C Dull-witted

D Genius

Answer: Dull-witted

2. Which word is not the opposite of the word intelligent?

A Thick-witted

B  Dorky

C Thick-headed

D Sagacious

Answer: Sagacious

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This was all about the antonym of “Intelligent” meaning and examples. Hope you have understood the term intelligent and its usage.  For more such blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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