11+ Famous Afghan Proverbs (with Meaning) that will Open Your Eyes!

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Famous Afghan Proverbs: “Even on a mountain, there is still a road” is a famous Afghan proverb which signifies hope and perseverance. It suggests that even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges, a solution can be found. These are small proverbs which offer wisdom in the form of small sentences to people who are currently in a tough situation. If you are also going through the same, we have got you. Keep reading this blog to find out some of the famous Afghan proverbs which are not only relatable but offer eye-opening wisdom to people and will help you use and improve your English grammar skills. 

All about Proverbs

What are Afghan Proverbs?

Afghan proverbs are also known as “Zarbul Masalha” in Dari. These are short sayings packed with wisdom that Afghans use in their everyday conversations. They function much like proverbs in other cultures, offering guidance and insight into various life experiences. But the question is: What makes them special from all the other proverbs? Here are all the reasons that make them special:

  • Rich Tradition: These proverbs have been passed down through generations, reflecting Afghan culture and values. 
  • Offer Wisdom: They can offer wisdom on almost every topic from social interactions to dealing with challenges.
  • Apart from this, they are witty and memorable as they are clever and are phrased in such a manner that makes them easy to remember. 

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5 Famous Afghan Proverbs That You Can Relate With

Afghan proverbs have been said by some of the most famous people in the past which have been passed down through the generations. Through advice offered, helps people to come out of all the situations that people are stuck in. Check out some of the top Afghan proverbs along with their meanings. 

Famous Afghan Proverb Meaning
Even on a mountain, there is still a road.This proverb suggests that no matter how difficult or challenging a situation is, there is always a way to overcome it. 
The wound of the sword/gun will heal, but not that of the tongue.It implies that physical injuries, no matter how severe, will eventually heal over time. However, the emotional and psychological wounds caused by cruel words can persist much longer.
If you plan to keep elephants/camels, make your door high.This proverb says if one aims to undertake ambitious ventures, they must also be prepared and equipped to handle the associated challenges that will come with it.
When the water reaches the upper lip, learn to swim.It implies that it’s best to take action when a problem becomes serious. It emphasizes the importance of not waiting until the last minute to deal with a difficult situation.
One flower does not bring spring.It states that a single positive event or action isn’t enough to signify a larger trend or lasting change. 

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Top 7 Afghan Proverbs on Life!

We all go through tough times and difficulties in our life and this is where the role of proverbs comes into the picture. Find out the list of famous Afghan proverbs which talk about life lessons which you need along with their meanings. 

If You Have No Shame, Do As You Wish.

This phrase carries a specific meaning within Islamic teachings. This saying is primarily used within Islam to promote ethical conduct and modesty. It’s not meant as a general condemnation or a free pass to do whatever you want if you don’t feel shame.

Famous Afghan Proverbs

A Bird Will Always Use Another Bird’s Feathers to Feather its Own Nest.

This saying might be used in situations where someone is seen as exploiting others for personal gain. For example, someone who uses company resources for their own projects or takes credit for another’s work could be described as “feathering their nest with another bird’s feathers.”

Famous Afghan Proverbs

A Real Friend is One Who Takes the Hand of His Friend in Times of Distress and Helplessness.

This Afghan proverb captures the essence of true friendship during difficult times. It emphasizes that true friendship goes beyond good times and shared experiences. It highlights the importance of loyalty and support during challenging moments.

Famous Afghan Proverbs

Blood Cannot be Washed Out with Blood.

This Afghan proverb has several interpretations. One of the most common interpretations is that resorting to violence to solve a violent act only creates a cycle of bloodshed. Each act of violence doesn’t erase the previous one, it just adds to the problem.

He Who Has Health, Has Hope; and He Who Has Hope, Has Everything.

This proverb, often attributed to an Arabian source, emphasizes the importance of health and hope in a fulfilling life. It emphasizes that good health provides the foundation for a hopeful outlook towards life.

Even the Most Beautiful Legs Have to Touch the Ground.

It implies that even the most beautiful things can’t escape reality. No matter how attractive or perfect something seems, it has to deal with the practicalities of life and its limitations. It’s a reminder to stay grounded and humble despite having desirable qualities.

A Gentle Hand May Lead Even an Elephant By a Single Hair.

This proverb means that even the most powerful or difficult things can be guided or controlled with patience, finesse, and understanding.

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