25+ Active and Passive Voice Quiz [with Answers] for Practice

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This active and passive voice quiz exercise will test your understanding and sharpen your skills in differentiating between the two forms of voice. In English grammar, we look at “active voice” and “passive voice” as two different methods of phrasing sentences. Passive voice defines an action without laying much stress on the doer of the sentence whereas active voice lays much stress on the subject of this action. Can you fill in the correct form of the verb based on active or passive voice?

Active and Passive Voice Quiz – MCQs

Instruction: Choose the correct option for each question:

1. The cake __________ by my sister.

   a) baked

   b) is baked

   c) was baked

   d) baking

2. The letter __________ yesterday.

   a) write

   b) was written

   c) written

   d) wrote

3. The homework __________ by the students before the teacher came in.

   a) are completed

   b) were completed

   c) complete

   d) completing

4. The trees __________ by the storm last night.

   a) are uprooted

   b) uprooted

   c) uproot

   d) were uprooting

5. A new shopping mall __________ in the city centre.

   a) is built

   b) built

   c) builds

   d) building

6. The concert __________ by thousands of fans.

   a) attended

   b) attend

   c) attending

   d) attends

7. The novel __________ into a movie next year.

   a) is adapted

   b) adapts

   c) adapted

   d) adapting

8. The room __________ every day by the cleaning staff.

   a) is cleaned

   b) cleaned

   c) cleans

   d) cleaning

9. The prize __________ to the winner by the principal.

   a) awarded

   b) award

   c) awards

   d) awarding

10. The news __________ on television last night.

    a) announced

    b) announce

    c) announcing

    d) announces

11. The secret __________ by everyone.

    a) is known

    b) known

    c) knowing

    d) knows

12. The cookies __________ by my grandmother.

    a) baking

    b) baked

    c) bakes

    d) are baked

13. The results __________ tomorrow.

    a) will announce

    b) announced

    c) announcing

    d) will be announced

14. The story __________ interestingly by the storyteller.

    a) telling

    b) tell

    c) told

    d) tells

15. The project __________ next month.

    a) is completing

    b) completes

    c) completing

    d) will be completed

16. The question __________ by the teacher.

    a) is asking

    b) asked

    c) asking

    d) asks

17. The car __________ last week.

    a) is stolen

    b) stole

    c) stolen

    d) was stolen

18. The message __________ on the bulletin board.

    a) is posted

    b) posting

    c) posted

    d) post

19. The report __________ by the committee.

    a) prepared

    b) prepares

    c) preparing

    d) prepare

20. The mistake __________ by me.

    a) admitting

    b) admitted

    c) admit

    d) admits

21. The tickets __________ online.

    a) bought

    b) buy

    c) buying

    d) buys

22. The problem __________ yet.

    a) not solved

    b) not solving

    c) is not solved

    d) not solves

23. The movie __________ in three languages.

    a) is dubbed

    b) dubs

    c) dubbed

    d) dubbing

24. The meeting __________ until further notice.

    a) postpones

    b) is postponed

    c) postponing

    d) postponed

25. The new building __________ next year.

    a) is constructing

    b) constructs

    c) constructed

    d) will be constructed

26. The homework __________ before dinner.

    a) should complete

    b) should be completed

    c) completed

    d) completing

27. The story __________ by many people.

    a) heard

    b) hear

    c) hearing

    d) hears

28. The cake __________ by the time we arrived.

    a) eaten

    b) eats

    c) eating

    d) was eaten

29. The keys __________ on the table.

    a) lay

    b) laid

    c) lying

    d) lies

30. The solution __________ by the expert.

    a) found

    b) finding

    c) finds

    d) is found

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Active and Passive Voice Quiz – Answers

Match your answers with the solved exercises.

  1. c) was baked
  2. b) was written
  3. b) were completed
  4. b) uprooted
  5. a) is built
  6. a) attended
  7. a) is adapted
  8. a) is cleaned
  9. a) awarded
  10. a) announced
  11. a) is known
  12. d) are baked
  13. d) will be announced
  14. c) told
  15. d) will be completed
  16. b) asked
  17. d) was stolen
  18. a) is posted
  19. a) prepared
  20. b) admitted
  21. a) bought
  22. c) is not solved
  23. a) is dubbed
  24. b) is postponed
  25. d) will be constructed
  26. b) should be completed
  27. a) heard
  28. d) was eaten
  29. a) lay
  30. d) is found

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Which tense has no passive voice?

Tenses that have no passive voice are – Present perfect continuous tense, past perfect continuous tense, future continuous, and future perfect continuous tenses.

How do you know if it is active or passive?

A sentence is in active or passive voice depending on the location of the actor (subject) and the action (verb). When the subject comes before the action in a sentence it is an active voice and when an action takes the first place it is a passive voice.

What is an example of active and passive voice?

She writes a letter. (Active Voice)
A letter is written by her. (Passive Voice)

This was all about active and passive voice quizzes for students who need to master this concept. To advance your grammar knowledge and read more informative blogs, check out the Learn English page of Leverage Edu.

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