5+ Antonyms of Indispensable, Meaning and Examples 

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The word “indispensable” is used to describe something or someone that is extremely important and valuable. Some common antonyms of indispensable are dispensable, unnecessary, expendable, replaceable, etc.

Meaning of Indispensable

Indispensable means absolutely necessary or essential. It means that something or someone is so important that it would be impossible or very difficult to do without them. Here are some examples of how the word “indispensable” can be used in a sentence: The GPS navigation system was indispensable for our road trip.

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Antonyms of Indispensable

The antonyms of indispensable are:

  1. Dispensable
  2. Nonessential
  3. Unnecessary
  4. Expendable
  5. Replaceable
  6. Unimportant
  7. Superfluous
  8. Surplus
  9. Extra
  10. Inessential
  11. Minor

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Usage with Examples

Here are some examples of how the antonyms of indispensable can be used in a sentence:

  • The extra chairs were dispensable, so we removed them from the room.
  • The nonessential items were removed from the suitcase before the flight.
  • The unnecessary meeting was canceled to save time.
  • The expendable soldiers were sent on the most dangerous mission.
  • The superfluous details were omitted from the report to make it more concise.
  • The surplus food was donated to the charity to help the hungry.

Antonyms of Indispensable Quiz!

Pick the correct antonym for indispensable from the options listed below:

  • Surplus
  • Crucial
  • Postponed

Answer: Surplus

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